To Be a Writer you Must Write and Write and Write


Do you want to be a writer? Great! Our world needs more creative folks who are willing to put pen to paper.

We need you!

How do you start?

Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on UnsplashTo be honest and straightforward, you start by writing.

That might sound too easy, but it is true!

A writer improves by writing and writing and writing. And then they write some more.

Through experience, you sort out how to communicate concepts and carve out a story that people want to read.

Finding your voice

Every writer eventually finds his or her voice. This is a unique style that sets their written words apart from other authors. Many writers wonder when they will find their voice.

There’s no word count requirement to finding your voice. It comes down to you and your process. Write as many words as you can!

If you talk to most professional writers, they’ll tell you that they have written hundreds of thousands or millions of words. They’ll encourage you to keep writing and you’ll get there.

Please don’t get overwhelmed and give up.

Just start.


Log in those words, pages, and stories!

Deadlines are a must

Photo by Kevin Ku on UnsplashDeadlines really help motivate me! How about you?

If you can secure a paying client or a publishing contract, that would be optimal, because it gives you an excellent motivation to complete the project. However, that might not even be your goal! Still, when you’re just starting, it’s beneficial to have a deadline to keep you on track.

Enter a contest or two. They always have a strict deadline. Be sure to submit something by the due date.

You can also start a blog. Get a readership going. Make certain to write on your blog each and every week!

Whatever you decide, give yourself a definite deadline and be firm with it.

If you behave like a professional writer right out of the gate, you are more likely to complete projects and meet your personal goals.

Read books in the genre you enjoy

Great writers always read a lot.

My advice is to read books you enjoy in the genre in which you wish to write. For instance, if you’re working on a space opera, read a few. If you want to pen your own memoir, read other people’s life stories.

There’s a reason you enjoy those books. Read them over and over and learn from them. Look at how your favorite authors communicate their ideas. Check out how they handle description, dialogue, action, etc. It can be fun to dissect their methods, and you can pick up useful pointers!

To be a writer, get advice from writers

It isn’t a bad idea to get advice from a supportive friend or group—people who are interested in encouraging your writing goals.

Please don’t seek out critics. They are the ones who will pass along snide comments that make you feel like quitting, often selling those comments as if they were nuggets of gold. Just thank them kindly for their advice and keep writing.

If you don’t have the time to write, but wish to see your book in people’s hands, hire a ghostwriter. It will still be your book and your ideas.

However, if you can, write and write and write, and soon you’ll have your book in print for all to read!

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