Tell Me About Your Writing Projects


Writing a bookIf you are writing a book, I would love to hear all about it. What is it about?

It is a good idea to be able to give a brief pitch for your book, so now is a good time to start. Describe your book in one or two lines.

Over the life of your book, you will need to give this elevator pitch over and over. Now is a great time to try out different ideas and see what is most effective. Share it with us and get feedback!

When should you develop your one- or two-line pitch?

As soon as possible.

If you are still developing your book, coming up with a good line or two will help you stay on track as you write. I got that little sage piece of wisdom from my first writing mentor long ago and it has served me well. Throw out segments that don’t forward the motion of the story.

I’m curious, if you’re writing a book right now, are you using an outline or are you just winging it? I know writers have different preferences and I’m curious what works for you.

Personally, I cannot take two steps without an outline.

Even if I’m writing a short story, I like to have it all worked out before I start. I don’t enjoy heading down an incorrect path, because it can waste a lot of time.

I’ve had a few good writing buddies tell me that they cannot conceive of writing an outline. One man said that he’d lose all interest in the project if he knew the outcome of the story. What do you think?

I enjoy working on several projects at the same time.

I’m currently working on a few memoirs for clients, two novels, my own short story series, and a nonfiction how-to book.

On the side, for fun, I’m also putting together a book of haiku (a Japanese form of poetry) for my children’s school. I worked with seventy young children, teaching them the art of haiku. Now, I want to put their work together into a book.

My husband is also working on a few books. He has a new one, a mini-eBook about bugs which should be ready soon. It will be a good manual for homeowners interested in learning about the insects in their backyard.

What about you? Do you like working on more than one writing project at the same time?

If you get a chance, please do comment below and give me your one- or two-line pitch about your book. Also, feel free to tell us where we can find your book when it is complete!

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