Writing a Book Proposal

How would you like to get paid for your book by a publisher before you write it?

If you’re writing a nonfiction piece, you can get paid an advance on your book, giving you the funds to hire a ghostwriter. It can be a smart plan!

A book proposal should include:

  • Two sample chapters
  • An overview of the book
  • A table of contents
  • A bio of the author
  • Market research
  • A promotional plan

Keep in mind that your proposal needs to stand out from the many others sitting on the publisher’s desk. You must draw their attention to your project, making it irresistible.

Most people need help writing a stellar proposal. They hire a ghostwriter, often the person who will write their book, to create a winning proposal. Through this phase, they will take many of the same steps they’d take to write the book, so that in the end, they will have those key components already in place.

Keep in mind, if you send a poorly written proposal to an agent or publisher, you will not get a second chance to pitch your idea. The proverbial bridge will have been burned.

If you’re interested in having a professional proposal written, please contact me. Please include your phone number so that I can call you back and we can discuss your project!

I would be happy to assist you!

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