Ten Reasons I Should Hire a Ghostwriter


Should I hire a ghostwriter?“Should I hire a ghostwriter?”

Is this a question plaguing you late at night?

Perhaps you have a great book idea but don’t know how to go about starting it. After all, writing a full-length book takes hundreds of hours and a lot of expertise.

After talking to countless prospective clients, I’ve discovered that most people are mid a book project. Some have been spinning their wheels for a few months, while others have been stuck for a few years. A few people even tell me that they’ve been working on a book for more than a decade!

Writing a book is often a goal that burns deep within a writer. People ache to hold that completed book in their hands. I can promise you, that desire will not disappear over time. It might just strengthen.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why shouldn’t I just write the book myself? Why should I hire a ghostwriter to write it for me?”

Well, if you hire a ghostwriter to write your book, you’ll receive quite a few benefits. Some may surprise you. Here are 10 good reasons to hire a ghostwriter:

Hiring a ghostwriter saves you time 

Give an honest look at your life. Do you really have time to write a book right now? Even if you gave yourself another two weeks, that probably won’t make a difference.

Most of my clients are busy CEOs or successful businessmen and women. They have trouble carving out a few hours a week to spend time with their family or go out to dinner with friends. For these people, I would imagine that setting aside hundreds of hours to write a book would be impossible.

Most likely, if you can’t budget the time to complete your book now, you won’t find the time in a few months. It just won’t happen without a little help.

Many authors hire ghostwriters

Many books that you know and love have been ghostwritten. Check it out on your favorite search engine. You may be surprised!

If you can, look through books at your favorite bookstore. How many mention a writer in the acknowledgment section? Most likely that person was the ghostwriter.

Some people fear that it isn’t quite ethical to hire a ghostwriter. That’s a very personal decision and I wouldn’t presume to advise you on your own moral code. However, it might help you to know that there are many freelance writers out there helping busy successful people find their written voice.

You gain writing experience when you hire a ghostwriter

gain valuable writing experience when you hire a ghostwriterIf you talk to an accomplished writer, you’ll find that they found their voice, their style, after they penned a few hundred thousand words. It takes experience, dedication, and drive.

You may not wish to invest the time required to write your own book. There is nothing wrong with that. You probably have an area of expertise that I couldn’t even begin to touch.

Remember, writing a book isn’t just a matter of collecting the right number of words. You need to follow the basic rules of writing and storytelling so that you can captivate your readers’ interest.

When you work with a ghostwriter, she will teach you her craft. You will learn a lot about writing, which will help you in the future.

You Can Avoid Writing about Painful Subjects

So many people write to tell me that they have lived an amazing life, but can’t possibly tackle writing about it because it is too difficult to face on their own.

You may be too close to the subject to be able to write about it. I would guesstimate that three-quarters of the people who write to me, asking for help with their book, want to write their life story. Most get very emotional about the subject and can’t write objectively.

Discover new things about yourself

A ghostwriter is trained to interview you, pulling information from the depths of your memory. You may discover new tidbits of information about your past as we progress through your book.

My clients routinely remark, “Wow, I’d completely forgotten all about that!” Their memories of incidents become sharper and they are often very grateful for that side benefit.

You will be the author of a well-written book

A ghostwriter will give you a well-written bookIf you hire a ghostwriter, you’ll receive full credit for your book. You’ll also own all the rights.

You will be able to attend book signings and hand potential clients your book. No one will know that a ghostwriter gave you a helping hand. We all sign confidentiality agreements, making sure your secret is safe.

You get the benefit of a full author’s credit without having to put in the hundreds of hours needed to write a book people won’t want to put down.

A ghostwriter will get the job done efficiently

When you hire a ghostwriter, you’ll be able to get your book written and published quickly. If you wait until the time is right, it could take decades. Or your book will stay within the confines of your mind and never see the light of day.

You should get your book written as soon as possible. Why wait? There is no benefit to holding off, but there is a very real danger that someone else will come up with your idea and write the book themselves.

You will be a published author

Once your book is available to readers, you are a published author in every sense of the word. There is a beautiful sense of accomplishment when you have completed and published a book. No one can ever take that joy away from you.

Imagine seeing your name on the cover of a book at your local bookstore.

Remember, your book will live forever, entertaining and educating your readers throughout future generations. It’s quite an achievement.

It’s rewarding to receive great reviews

A five star review for a book written by a ghostwriter

When you have a well-written book, people will write lovely reviews. This is such a rewarding experience for a new author.

Imagine reading a review about how your book changed someone’s life. What greater feeling is there?

Most authors want to move people with their writing. They wish to help others who are experiencing certain difficulties or facing particular challenges.

You will enjoy the ghostwriting process

The ghostwriting process is a lot of fun. It’s a bit like sitting in the back of a stretch limo with a friendly driver upfront guiding you to your destination.

You’ll enjoy watching the pages of your inspiration unfold before your eyes. Just imagine what it would be like to receive the first chapter of your book in your email inbox within a month.

If you’d like to hire me, please contact me today and we’ll chat about your project!

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  1. Vkytor Kyser

    Than you ever so much for your attention.

    • Laura Sherman

      You are very welcome!

  2. Vkytor Kyser

    Feb. 14th 2014 I was admitted to a hospital and was on life support with no chance of living (so that I was told) after (5) five CPR’S and body temp. of 84 degrees, kidney failed, liver failed, they kept saying to my family that I would not make it, on the day before they were to “pull the plug” from life support, I came back. I was told by two (2) surgeons that I should have a book written on what had happened to me. The doctor at the Nursing home said he had three (3) inches of paper on me and He said that I should have a book written on what had happened to me. They, all people I spoke to said I was” The Miracle Man “. No person could or should of survived from the condition I was in. So much more info to share with you,,,,,,,

    • Laura Sherman

      Wow, that’s an amazing story! I’ll write to you privately and see how I can help. Thanks!

  3. Lexi O'Hara

    i not only want to hire a ghostwriter because i want the writing quality to be better, but i want to remain anonymous as the author when the book is published, is that doable?

    • Laura Sherman

      Hi! Although there may be certain circumstances where this could be done, it is rare. I can’t think of too many scenarios where I would want to take the credit for a book that my client didn’t feel comfortable authoring. Thanks for your question!

  4. Dana

    When Hiring a Ghost Writer what should we be looking for?

  5. debby

    hi i will like to write a book about my life experience, and i need someone to help me out. thanks

    • Laura Sherman

      Great! I’ll write to you shortly to find out more. Thanks!


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