The Value of Ghostwriting


The value of ghostwriting can be enormous for new authorsGhostwriting, the act of writing content that is credited to someone else, has taken off as a powerful industry over the years. While some may view the industry as questionable ethically, most view it as a boon. After all, when done properly, the value of ghostwriting is tremendously valuable to budding authors, publishers, and readers alike. Here’s a look at some of the key benefits of hiring a ghostwriter can be for you:


Saves Time for Busy People


Many people who hire ghostwriters are extremely busy professionals—think politicians, athletes, celebrities, and business executives, as well as the average hardworking worker. They may have fascinating ideas and experiences to share, but little time to sit down and write a book. This is where a talented ghostwriter comes in. We handle the research, outlining, writing, and editing, allowing the author to simply share their expertise. This makes it possible to produce books in a fraction of the time.


Brings New Life into Ideas


Ghostwriters are skilled at taking a raw concept and transforming it into an engaging, well-written work. A good ghostwriter will conduct extensive interviews and research to fully understand the author’s knowledge, voice, and vision. We will shape this content into a book that flows logically and captures the interest of the readers from start to finish. As a result, many books that might not have seen the light of day, get written, enriching the marketplace of ideas.


Produces Higher Quality Work


While some authors may be experts in their field, few are skilled writers. This is especially true for subjects like business, science, and technology. A talented ghostwriter is adept at translating complex or technical ideas into prose that is readable, relatable, and free of errors. Our expertise results in manuscripts that require less time and cost to edit. The finished product is often of much higher quality than what a first-time writer could have produced on their own. This is a key value of ghostwriting.


Brings in a Neutral Perspective


Since an independent writer has no personal attachment to the subject matter, we can assess the content objectively. If areas are unclear, underdeveloped, or missing information, we can fill the gaps. Or if the story is lagging, we know how to add plot lines and character arcs to liven up the manuscript. Of course, the author still has final approval, but the ghostwriter provides a neutral point of view, which will inevitably improve the overall structure and flow. Personally, I always tell a client that they are the boss and will always have the final say, but that I will always give them my honest and open opinions along the way. I know I am not hired to hold back.


Provides Flexibility


Once hired, a ghostwriter can handle as much or as little of the writing process as needed. This ranges from producing rough drafts to doing all the writing and editing. As a ghostwriter, I provide many services. For instance, I research, conduct interviews, verify facts, and take care of any other tasks that allow the author to focus on their strengths. This flexibility makes ghostwriting ideal for any writing project.


Connects with Readers


The value of ghostwriting involves connecting with readersTalented ghostwriters have a keen understanding of what engages readers. We know how to shape content in a compelling way while maintaining the author’s unique voice and perspective. Part of the value of ghostwriting (where you get your money’s worth) is that ghostwriters know all the rules of literature. If you’re writing a memoir or novel, you can’t blatantly break rules without a reason. Readers will put your book down in disgust and write a bad review. The ability of a professional writer to connect with readers is invaluable, especially for influential leaders and experts who want to use a book to build their brand and share their message. Writing a poorly written book that has no coherent plot or violates basic literary rules will hurt your brand and turn potential clients away.


Gains Credibility Through an Established Name


There’s no denying that someone interested in building their brand will command instant name recognition and respect by writing a well-written book. A book authored by a business leader will attract new business, which will in turn boom sales. The author gains additional credibility by imparting their knowledge, while the skilled ghostwriter remains behind the scenes. The value of ghostwriting in this symbiotic relationship benefits both parties, as well as the book’s audience.


Provides Stepping Stones for Aspiring Writers


Ghostwriting provides excellent training for aspiring authors looking to hone their craft. Having been a ghostwriter for 20 years, I always offer to teach my clients about the writing process along the way. For instance, if they wish to write a memoir or novel, I help them understand how to incorporate the three-act structure into their work. Most first-time authors don’t understand the importance of a good, detailed outline. With this in hand, writing the first draft becomes a breeze. Working together with my clients in a collaborative manner makes them more a part of the project.


Helps Overcome Writer’s Block


Even experienced authors struggle with writer’s block from time to time. One value of ghostwriting is that we will help push through any creative barriers the author is having, helping them reach the other side. After all, ghostwriters are used to tight deadlines, finding creative solutions to literary problems, and writing about topics not their own. We don’t tend to get the dreaded writer’s block, because this pressure and practice strengthens our ability to generate content. Authors hiring ghostwriters don’t have to worry about missing deadlines due to writer’s block.


Develops Range as an Author


Some of my clients have expertise in certain areas or styles of writing but have hired me to be their ghostwriter because it exposes them to unique subjects and perspectives. They recognize the value of ghostwriting for their project. After all, I have gained experience writing in many different genres, developing a variety of voices, and have gathered a diverse set of knowledge over the last two decades in this business. This has allowed me to develop versatility and adaptability as a writer.


Provides Early Feedback


The collaborative nature of ghostwriting provides writers with early feedback before ever reaching the editing stage. Working closely with clients during the initial research and outline phases helps writers validate ideas and direction for the project. This allows course correction early on, rather than after hundreds of pages are written. Most writers who write on their own, never know if they are close until they hire a developmental editor. At that point, they often realize they need to start over fresh as their story breaks too many literary rules.


Satisfies Reader Demand


There is more reader demand for high-quality books than there are skilled writers available to produce them all. Ghostwriters help fill this market need, ensuring an abundance of great books across genres. The availability of ghostwriters also allows niche topics to be covered in a way that engages mainstream readers.


Allows Quick Turnaround Times


Hiring a ghostwriter saves timeGhostwriters are able to work efficiently to produce high-quality manuscripts under tight deadlines. This allows publishers to respond quickly to current events or trends by releasing books while topics are still relevant. Politicians, business leaders, and other authors also appreciate fast turnarounds when looking to publish books timed with major events.


Provides Specialized Expertise


Most authors are specialists in their field, not necessarily writing. Ghostwriters bring professional writing expertise, including an understanding of structure, pacing, tone, and literary devices. This specialized skillset ensures the author’s ideas and stories are conveyed in an engaging manner. For highly technical subjects, ghostwriters may also have specialized knowledge to accurately communicate complex concepts.


Saves on Editing Costs


Since ghostwriters focus on producing clean, well-structured manuscripts, it reduces the need for extensive editing. Typos, continuity issues, redundant passages, and other imperfections are minimized. This saves both time and money compared to editing a draft written by a novice.


Allows Collaboration


Books reflecting input from multiple authors with different perspectives can be difficult to coordinate and synthesize. Ghostwriters can seamlessly weave together content from multiple authors into a cohesive narrative. This facilitates collaboration on publications that reflect diverse viewpoints.


Provides Brand Consistency


Ghostwriters become intimately familiar with the author’s voice, style, and messaging. This allows sustaining consistency for authors with an established brand, especially when producing multiple works. Readers come to appreciate and trust the author’s unique perspective. They will know to expect a consistent voice, which is a huge value of ghostwriting.


Gives Authors a Competitive Edge


With a skilled ghostwriter handling the writing, authors can devote focus to their core competency while still producing books. This provides a competitive advantage over those attempting to balance writing with their primary work. Authors who consistently publish quality books also build their professional brand.


In summary, ghostwriting requires a unique skill set that benefits authors, publishers, and readers when executed ethically. Though largely unseen, ghostwriters deliver immense value through their role in bringing books to life.


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