Should You Hire A Local Ghostwriter?


Should I hire a local ghostwriter?

If you’re looking to hire a ghostwriter, you may be searching for advice on the internet. Some sites will tell you to only hire a local ghostwriter. I’m honestly now sure why, but perhaps this misconception comes from the silver screen. Ghostwriters in movies always seem to live with the client. That’s just not the way it works.

No, the reality is much different than these fictional portrayals. Looking back on it, only a small fraction of the three- four dozen clients I’ve served over the last twenty years were ever local. And interestingly enough, when they did live in a neighboring county, we still chose to communicate via email and phone. It’s easier.

Having said that, there have been happy coincidences when I have been able to meet with clients face to face. It allowed me shake their hand or give them a hug. This meeting usually occurred after the project was completed. I will say that it was lovely to put a three-dimensional face with the voice I’d been corresponding with for so long.

However, when a prospective client rejects me because I don’t happen to live in their city, it makes me scratch my head. Why? Close proximity just doesn’t help me write a better story.

Don’t limit your options

If you think about it, you want to cast a wide net and look for the perfect writer for you. If you narrow your search to your backyard, that’s going to limit the pool of ghostwriters you have to choose among. Even if you live in the center of NYC, a haven for writers, wouldn’t you kick yourself if your perfect ghostwriter soulmate was in Oregon or Iowa?

With nearly two decades of experience under my belt, I can tell you it just isn’t necessary for a ghostwriter to walk where you’ve walked, or personally tour the towns or buildings where your story takes place. I find that internet searches can show me what a location looks like very nicely. If I’m lucky, I’ll sometimes find wonderfully detailed photographs and videos of an area. These can easily fill in gaps.

Rather than location, I recommend that you should look for other characteristics in a ghostwriter. Talent trumps proximity.

Good qualities in a ghostwriter

Prepare yourself; finding the right ghostwriter might take some time. It’s a very personal choice. Having said that, there are times when a prospective client reads a few of my blog articles and decides that I’m the one they want. I always feel so privileged when an author does his research and selects this friendly ghostwriter.

It is really important that you do your research, because when you do choose a writer, you will be working closely with her for many months.

Now, since hiring a local ghostwriter isn’t key, what is? Let’s review some attributes that one should look for when hiring a ghostwriter:

  • Excellent writing skills. Not only should your ghostwriter write well, she should also write in a way you and your readers will enjoy reading.
  • An ability to put you at ease. If done correctly, you should enjoy each ghostwriter interview. You should feel like you’re talking to an old friend as you confide your deepest secrets. If you’re not comfortable talking to a candidate writer, keep looking.
  • Reliability. Select a writer who can meet a deadline and work through difficulties. If she doesn’t call you when she promised she would, this isn’t a good sign.

If you absolutely feel you need to meet your ghostwriter in person, you can always fly out to her or fly her to you. It will cost extra, but it is a viable option for some. A cheaper option would be to “meet” the writer via Zoom.

Research your ghost

research a ghostwriterIf you seek a local ghostwriter because you feel that’s the only way you can trust the person, know that con artists are excellent face to face as well as via email. Meeting someone isn’t a good test to see if they are on the up and up.

Rather than chatting over coffee, try doing a thorough internet search of your potential ghostwriter. Use a variety of search engines and look into their social media profiles.

If you find a ghostwriter through Craigslist and he doesn’t have his own website, this isn’t a good sign. Professional ghostwriters usually have at least a blog or an online resume. Someone who is trying to con you, will not have any internet presence because they don’t want to be tracked.

If your writer does have a website, take your time to review it. Read over the testimonials and review his writing samples. How many books has he written? Do you like his writing style?

As a side note, I have an extensive blog with many articles about writing and ghostwriting. If you wish to hire me, I’d be honored if you looked over a few so that you could get my take on writing. Do you agree with me on most points? Do you feel like I have something to say on the topics I write about?

You can also try typing in a few key words (like “ghostwriter” or “books”) along with the name of the writer you wish to hire. What comes up?

Please feel free to email me and let me know what you think. Do you still feel you should only hire a local ghostwriter?

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