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Pay it forward. Always!If you selected this blog article to read, I’m sure you understand the concept of “pay it forward.” And if you aren’t sure: Paying it forward means that you help others without considering immediate gain. You just help for the sake of helping. Of course you know that it will come back around to you at some point. It’s a beautiful experience, one that makes everyone feel good.

Paying it forward as a writer

In the writing industry, I like to help writers to write and get paid. I often give free advice to those new to the industry, because I believe that our society will benefit from having more writers in the world.

For all the established writers out there, please consider helping one person this week take a step forward as a writer. I know you know someone who could use some advice or encouragement. See if you can get them to progress on their personal projects, start a blog, or write an article or press release for a company or non-profit organization. Make sure the project is something that other people will read.  Writing for one’s own amusement has limited value. Writing is meant to be read by others.

Work to get paid as a writer

If you know a writer who has gained a lot of experience, but has yet to be paid, encourage them to ask for money for their writing. This is a problem for many. It can be tough to name a dollar figure for a project, so people will usually charge far too little. Some won’t charge at all!

As their friend, please give positive feedback whenever possible about someone’s writing. It is also good to point out errors, but see that your compliments outweigh the criticism.

Pay it forward this week and help a writer – your support will mean a lot to them. I’d love hear back from you on this. What did you do to help someone?



  1. Laura

    Thank you Nick, for writing in!

    The other day, someone I didn’t know paid the toll booth attendant for me. These little acts of kindness go a long way. It makes life more fun!

  2. Nick "The Bear" Kinziger

    Hi Laura…

    I definitely understand your article concerning – Pay It Forward – not only as a network marketer (I rather think of myself as a relationship builder) but also as a human being! This world would be a much greater place if everyone learned to Pay It Forward, not for a reward but as just an act of kindness!

    Keep up your great work & remember ALWAYS PAY IT FORWARD~“

    Nick “The Bear” Kinziger


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