What Do I Need to Start with a Ghostwriter?

Are you planning to hire a ghostwriter? Or maybe you have signed the contract and are waiting to get started. After all, most popular ghostwriters book clients far in advance, giving them time to wrap up their current projects.

Clients often ask me what I need in order to get started with them.

Don’t try to prepare content on your own!

If you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense to hire a ghostwriter after you prepare the content. It’s a bit like mopping all the floors before a house cleaner arrives or repairing your car before taking it to the mechanic.

It’s much better to work with your hired writer right from the start. They can help guide you.

Most people hire me because they really don’t have any idea how to write a book. They need guidance in all aspects, which is natural. 

Unless you’ve written professionally, you probably don’t know how to structure the content of a book. There’s an art to putting together a book, one that I enjoy finding for each project.

How to present material to your ghostwriter

If you’ve researched material, definitely give that to your ghostwriter. Otherwise, start with the basics. Here are some things which should be easy to provide:

  • Diaries (especially for memoirs)
  • Blog posts you’ve written
  • Relevant newspaper articles
  • Links to websites that relate to your project
  • Any interviews you may have given

If you don’t have these items, your ghostwriter will help you collect them. Don’t wait until you have these in hand before you hire your writer. He or she will want to help direct you, informing you on what is relevant to your topic.

If you’re not quite ready to hire a ghostwriter

If you are waiting for funds to get started or are on the fence about hiring a ghostwriting, you can prepare by making a rough list of the incidents or elements you’d like to see in your book. Jot down notes about each key event, giving a brief explanation of each. Then, when you’re ready to begin, your ghostwriter can go over each of these pieces and help you organize them into a book. 

it’s important to know that you shouldn’t feel like you need to write your book before you hire a ghostwriter. It’s far better to hire your ghostwriter then work with them to collect data. Remember, research is all part of the ghostwriting process.

If you need help or wish to chat with a ghostwriter, email me. Review my testimonial page to learn more about my past projects.

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