Need a Ghostwriter?


Need a ghostwriter

If you’re reading this because you have a great idea for a book but aren’t sure how to go about writing it, you might need a ghostwriter. 

I know quite a few people who spend a lot of time tossing around book ideas, but for one reason or another, they have trouble getting started. Does this sound familiar?

If you wish to write a book, but don’t have the time or the discipline to do so, it can be frustrating on many levels. Some people aren’t huge fans of research while others just don’t enjoy writing. Whatever the stumbling block, it doesn’t have to keep you from finishing your book. A ghostwriter can help you take your idea from conception to fruition.

Here is a handy checklist to help guide you through the steps of hiring a ghostwriter:

Decide on your budget

Before you begin searching for a writer, it’s a good idea to determine your budget. What can you comfortably afford? Don’t go into debt when hiring a ghostwriter.

Pricing for ghostwriting can span a broad range. You should know that you will get what you pay for. Some ghostwriters advertise extremely low rates, which can be appealing. However, if you’re interested in producing a high-quality book, written by an experienced author, you’ll need to pay them what a good writer is worth.

Be ready to answer basic questions

Questions when you need a ghostwriter

In order to get a bid from a ghostwriter, you need to be able to answer various questions. A ghostwriter will need to know:

  • How many words your book will be
  • Your publishing and marketing plans
  • Your deadline
  • The general subject matter or genre of the book.

It’s also wise to ask your prospective ghostwriter about their fee before you get too far into the conversation. There is no sense in pouring out your heart and story, only to learn that the writer is way out of your price range. It’s worth noting that most ghostwriters share their prices on their website.

Find a good fit

It’s a good idea to do a little homework on a ghostwriter before you interview them. Start with their testimonial page. After all, it’s more important to read what others say about them than what they say about themselves. Also, review their writing samples to see if you like their style.

Once you’ve determined that they have the experience and writing expertise, It’s important to find someone who you will mesh well with throughout the ghostwriting process. Writing a book is a financial investment, but also an endeavor of the heart; there is a balance.

Pay your first installment and get started

Once you have made your momentous decision, plan to make the first payment and sign the ghostwriting contract so you begin working on the project. Any professional writer will require these. Don’t wait too long to make your decision. If you love a particular writer and know you want to hire that individual, don’t dawdle. Authors book the more popular ghostwriters quickly.

Plan the time to work with your ghostwriter

Find a theme for your memoirAs your project unfolds, it’s important to answer your writer’s emails and phone messages promptly. After all, you and your ghostwriters are partners in this project. Your ghost needs you, assisting them to achieve your goals. For that reason, don’t allow too much time to go by without communication.

When I work with a client I love to shoot emails back and forth throughout the week. I also find myself picking up the phone to talk to him or her at least once a month.


If you’re interested in hiring a ghostwriter and would like to learn more, check out my book: Your Guide to Hiring a Ghostwriter.

Of course, if you’d like to reach out to me, I’m here to help!


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