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Don't just dream. Take the steps to complete your book. Hire a ghostwriter.Many aspiring writers dream of penning a book, yet the journey from initial inspiration to a published manuscript can be fraught with challenges. The idea of creating a compelling narrative or sharing your expertise is appealing, but the reality can be daunting. This is where the role of a ghostwriter comes into play. Indeed, hiring a ghostwriter to complete a book is a strategy adopted by many successful authors and professionals.


The Role of a Ghostwriter


Ghostwriting, an age-old and esteemed profession, traces its roots back to ancient Egypt. In contemporary times, a ghostwriter is typically a seasoned writer enlisted to compose on behalf of another. The core of ghostwriting lies in its ability to seamlessly intermingle the author’s ideas, voice, and vision into a written work, thus making it appear as though the credited author penned the content themselves. A ghostwriter’s primary function is to actualize the author’s vision. They offer their skills to ensure the work is cohesive and captivating.


Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter


Ghostwriters, as consummate professionals, bring a profound understanding of the craft of writing to the table. They possess the essential skills required to craft polished and engaging content.


Crafting a book can be a time-intensive endeavor, particularly for individuals juggling demanding schedules or careers. Herein, ghostwriters can be a godsend. They allow authors to offload the writing process while they concentrate on their primary business.


Most of my clients hire me because I’m well-versed in the intricacies of writing. I understand well how to structure a book to bring the author’s concepts to life. This ensures the project adheres to a defined timeline and remains on track.


In addition, there are many more reasons why you might hire me to help you complete your book. Here are some key points:


Overcoming Writer’s Block


Hire a ghostwriter to help you overcome writer's block.Writer’s block is a pervasive hurdle that plagues many aspiring authors. This creative impasse can bring progress to a grinding halt. I understand how frustrating writer’s block can be. By hiring a ghostwriter, authors can effectively surmount this obstacle and learn more about the writing process. Ghostwriters possess the expertise required to dismantle writer’s block, ensuring that the project remains in constant forward motion.


It’s been my experience that writer’s block usually stems from a poorly structured outline. For instance, if you’re writing a novel and you hit a brick wall, there probably is an issue with the story’s structure. I can help you debug the problem and work with you to create a better roadmap so that you can complete your book.


Lack of Writing Experience


Not everyone is inherently gifted as a writer, and for many, the prospect of creating a book is far too challenging. In contrast, ghostwriters are adept at the art of writing. We’ve honed our skills through years of experience. Honestly, we possess an innate understanding of language, storytelling, and structure. Personally, I enjoy teaching my clients about the process as we write together.


Time Constraints


Numerous individuals harboring remarkable stories or profound insights simply lack the time required to commit to writing. Demanding careers, familial responsibilities, and other obligations can leave precious little room for the creative process. Often a great book project gets left simmering on a back burner and never gets finished. Hiring a ghostwriter enables them to delegate the writing component while still retaining control over the content. Sometimes, it’s the only way to complete your book.


Complex Subject Matter


The composition of a book often entails a deep dive into detailed subject matter. Whether it’s the explanation of a scientific concept, the retelling of a historical event, or a fictional story with a host of strong characters spanning decades, a ghostwriter has the experience to handle these with ease. Personally, I enjoy a complex book with lots of moving parts!


The Process of Hiring a Ghostwriter


Before embarking on the path of engaging a ghostwriter, it is paramount to clearly delineate your goals and vision for the project. This involves reflecting on what you aim to achieve with the book, identifying your target audience, and articulating the message or story you intend to convey. The more crystalline your vision, the more effectively you can communicate it to your ghostwriter. To learn more about my process, please read my article on the subject.


Research and Selection


Locating the ideal ghostwriter is a pivotal step in the process. I’d recommend using the internet to research your ideal ghost to complete your book. Really check them out. Assess their previous works, read their credentials, and look for strong testimonials and book reviews. Seek out a writer whose style and expertise match your needs. Establishing a robust working relationship built on trust and open communication is fundamental.


Collaboration and Communication


Effective communication stands as the linchpin of a flourishing collaboration with a ghostwriter. Your ghostwriter needs to capture your voice, tone, and style intimately. Regular email exchanges and phone conversations are indispensable for keeping the project on a steady course and ensuring your vision finds manifestation in the work. Plan to spend an hour or two a week with your ghostwriter to complete your book.


Outline and Project Plan


Working in concert with your ghostwriter, fashion a comprehensive outline and project plan. This serves as a compass for the book, enlisting chapter summaries, salient points, and a timeline. A well-devised plan ensures that both you and the ghostwriter tread the same path throughout the project. As I pointed out before, without a good outline, you will not complete your book.



A Few Success Stories Given to This Friendly Ghostwriter


Thought Leadership Books


Numerous authorities and thought leaders in diverse domains opt to recruit ghostwriters to convert their insights and expertise into well-organized and readable books. These books are pivotal in affirming their authority within their respective industries. A ghostwriter also makes the book an enjoyable read. No one wants to read a dry set of instructions.


Success Story


When my partner and I decided to write a book, we interviewed many ghostwriters. Some were very inexpensive, while others were too pricey for our budget. Laura wasn’t the least expensive writer, but we chose her because she was so passionate about writing.

We needed a very quick turnaround time. Laura made it clear that as long as we cooperated, she would finish the book on time. And she did!

Laura went above and beyond our expectations. She even included her own business experience in various chapters, giving us the informative book we wanted.

I am very pleased with all her work and will continue to use her for my future writing needs.

Thank you, Laura, and may God keep blessing you!

Edwin Carrion, Founder of Infinity Jewelers




Fiction authors, frequently grappling with an abundance of ideas but a paucity of time or writing prowess, seek the assistance of ghostwriters. These skilled writers breathe life into the author’s characters and plots, culminating in a coherent and engrossing novel.


Success Story


My name is Antonio Francesca and I am a novelist. In the past 10 years, I have come to both work and create on various writing projects with Laura Sherman. The most memorable collaboration concerns my fast-selling novel called “The Card House” which is being sold today at Barnes and Noble.

Collaboration in writing something original like the Card House is a broad word that could mean a little or a lot. In my case, it was a lot. From the very beginning, Laura worked with my creative ideas and between us, we fashioned a first-rate novel. I cannot give her enough praise as one can see with my heartfelt acknowledgments seen on the first page of the novel.

Today I am negotiating with a West Coast film producer for three original manuscripts and all have had Laura’s input and writing genius attached to them.

I hope that the future for me and my writings will always have Laura right there creating every step of the way.

Tony Francesca, President of Ironbound Films




Memoirs are intensely personal and reflective expressions of a segment of one’s life journey. Ghostwriters collaborate closely with the author to capture their recollections and experiences in a manner that resonates profoundly with readers. This cooperative effort frequently results in emotionally potent and contemplative memoirs.


Success Story


When I first decided to write a book, I was unsure of everything.  I had a story to tell but was unsure of how to even begin.  Laura gave me direction and was able to create a flow to my book, helping me to fill in what was needed and edit out what was not.  I can honestly say I would have never stayed on track to finish it had it not been for her guidance and support.  I felt I had full control, yet she provided ideas and suggestions.  If I have the opportunity to write another book, Laura will be the first person I call!

Lori Suthar, Author of Joshua’s Missing Peace


Challenges and Considerations


While the advantages of hiring a ghostwriter are clear, there are a host of challenges and considerations to bear in mind. As the Boy Scouts will tell you, “It is best to be prepared!”




The cost to complete your book.Quality ghostwriting entails a financial outlay. There is no way around that. Sure, you can find a “ghostwriter” who will give you a lowball quote, but you might as well keep your money. You won’t be happy with the results.


The fees for ghostwriters can vary depending on their experience, expertise, and the project’s scope. Also, some ghostwriters (myself included) will charge less if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and help write the book.


Expect to pay between $25,000 – $75,000 for a 100-page – 300-page book.


Trust and Collaboration


If you want your book to be a success, cultivate trust and effective collaboration right from the start. Communication is the key to this relationship succeeding. The author must be comfortable sharing their ideas and vision with the ghostwriter, starting with the very first interview. Furthermore, it is crucial to lay out the expectations and lay out boundaries from the outset within a well-prepared contract.


Finding Your Written Voice


Sustaining the author’s voice can present a challenge. Keep in mind that your spoken voice will be different from your written one. While I will strive to mirror your natural style, I will also need to make slight adjustments as we progress. Authors should be prepared for these subtle nuances.


Revisions and Feedback


The process of revision can be protracted if not addressed from the start. My contract allows for one revision request per segment. Authors should be ready to furnish constructive feedback in a timely manner or we can’t complete your book. You’ll need to actively participate in the editing and refinement phases of the project. Plan to spend about an hour or two a week to keep the project on target.




In a world where the art of storytelling and the sharing of knowledge occupy an exalted position, hiring a ghostwriter can be a potent instrument. This tool empowers you to transform your dreams into reality. So, if the dream of becoming a published author beckons but the hurdles of time, experience, or writer’s block loom large, remember that a professional writer is at hand. This friendly ghostwriter is ready to transform your vision into a published actuality.


As you consider this option, keep in mind that the key to a successful collaboration with a ghostwriter resides in clear communication, trust, and the sharing of a common vision. When these elements align, you and I can labor jointly to complete your book in a timely manner. In the end, you’ll have a book that faithfully mirrors your voice, style, and message.




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