Professionals Need to Hire A Ghostwriter

A man hires a ghostwriterThere are many reasons a professional would need to hire a ghostwriter.

You may have a dream of writing a book but lack the experience necessary to do so. Or you might simply not have the time. Perhaps your schedule won’t allow for one more project.

Many political figures and celebrities, from Hillary Clinton to Paris Hilton, have hired ghostwriters. There are many other examples.

People are more open about hiring a ghostwriter

The practice of hiring a ghostwriter used to be more secretive than it is today. In the past, people worried that using a ghostwriter might have been viewed as a sign that the person publishing the book wasn’t smart enough to write it himself. Would it surprise you to know many brilliant minds hired a ghostwriter?

The famous Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series has been exclusively ghostwritten since the 1920s, but its first ghostwriters were under strict contracts to keep their roles secret.

Professionals sometimes need a little help

Today, however, hiring a ghostwriter isn’t seen as a sign of failure. Rather, it’s commonly recognized that public figures already have full-time jobs. Writing a book is a long-term, time-consuming endeavor; it doesn’t always fit into a professional’s schedule. In fact, many authors will publicly acknowledge that their work was a collaboration. They give credit to the writer on the book’s cover or in the acknowledgements.

Many professionals who aren’t high-profile figures want to write books as well. They may want to create a technical manual for a business, to share the knowledge they have gained from experience, or to tell the story behind their accomplishments. They, too, have full-time jobs already and rarely have the time to dedicate six months or so to writing their book.

Writing a good book takes time

Researching, writing, and editing a 200-page book can take six months to a year of work. A professional writer has enough experience to do it in that amount of time. For an inexperienced person working another job, trying to take on this considerable task could take four times as long. Sometimes, the professional writer will do all the research, interviewing and writing while the author supplies him or her with notes, stories and memorabilia. Other times, the author will do the majority of the writing, with the ghostwriter organizing, editing, and polishing the writing into a finished book. The writer’s fees will vary depending on how much work the project involves.

So, if you have a dream of writing a book, my advice to you is, hire a ghostwriter!  The cost of the ghostwriter will pay off in the end. You’ll be less stressed, your book will actually get completed, and you’ll have the benefit of someone with years of experience to assist you. The less time your book spends gathering dust, the more time it can spend on bookstore shelves or in the hands of your loved ones, being read.