Find the Best Ghostwriting Method for You


Which ghostwriting method works best for you as a writer?

If you’re new to the world of ghostwriting and wish to hire someone to help you write your memoir, novel, or business book, you might be wondering about the various options open to you. When I interview a prospective client, I find the ghostwriting method that best suits them. This applies to ghostwriting a book or a series of articles.

My ghostwriting process is often the same, but the method for getting the information varies. Since my client is my writing partner, and each relationship is quite different, it’s important to determine the best ghostwriting method early on.

If you’re interested in hiring me, please reach out to me and tell me which ghostwriting method makes the most sense to you.

Ghostwriting Method 1: Your ideas, my words

The most common request I get is to write a book based on a rough sketch or outline of a book concept from my client. The author has ideas but hasn’t had the time to form the words. After all, writing fifty thousand words is time-consuming. It usually takes me a year to complete a book.

With this method, I take all the written material my client has compiled and then I interview him or her. After that phase, I’ll do independent research and write a detailed outline. Once my client approves that, I’ll start writing and sending pages as I complete sections.

Ghostwriting Method 2: Your ideas, your words

Most people who have never written a book don’t know how to structure their ideas or material into a complete manuscript. They also have trouble communicating their thoughts so that others can understand them. And while some can write, most don’t have the time, which is why they’ve come to me.

However, there are times when a client has found the time to write a first draft. They submit the pages to me to be rewritten. Their words help me create a good written voice for them. I can sometimes use some of the passages directly, but typically I need to start over from scratch as the flow and structure aren’t quite there.

Some clients hire me on an hourly basis to be their ghostwriting consultant. In this case, they often feel it is important that they write their own book, but understand they need a friendly safety net. I’m happy to coach them through the writing process and teach them the rules of writing while encouraging them to complete their books.

Ghostwriting Method 3: My ideas, my words

This option is rare, but once in a while a client will give me a broad topic and a few scattered ideas and asks me to provide all the content. This applies to business books and novels. I know it may sound strange, but if the topic is within my scope, I can write an entire book based on my researched knowledge. A few years ago, a client handed me two pages of notes about his great-great-grandparent’s journey to America. He wanted a fictionalized account of their possible adventures as they struggled to make it across our great land. I hired outside help to uncover his family’s history using the information I had. It was fascinating! 

Even with this method, the finished manuscript still belongs to the client. They are the author and I’m just a ghost.

Method 4: Researched ideas, my words

I’ve also had clients hire me to write short eBooks about a subject to do with their business. In those cases, the client often gives me a few notes on the topic and points me in the direction of good source material. Then I can write a book or series of articles based on the information I research.

To start I often know very little about the subject. Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to do research using the internet and the library. 


I have twenty years of experience working with clients using these four different ghostwriting methods. I’m comfortable with any of them. Some clients hire me for multiple projects, using a variety of methods from one project to the next. If you’d like advice on the best ghostwriting method for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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  1. Craig Bagley

    Hi laura,
    Not sure how to start here. People have been telling me for years I need to write a book but I’ve always felt I need to complete my journey before I start telling my story. But now, it occurs to me that the journey continues so maybe I should figure this out. I actually have written quite a bit in my 49 years of life. I’ve written screen plays and short stories and started some fiction books more than a few times. But now I’m stumped, I’m married and have 7 and 4 year old girls and no time.
    I have Tourette’s Syndrome and have had some interesting, scary, funny, enlightening moments throughout my life because of it. My wife and I were on the Dr Phil show back in 2006 to discuss life with TS but it was actually quite a let down….Not a fan of the show anyway. How does this work? I know that you do this as a career so of course its about the money, but, I really would like to find someone that takes my Story as their own….maybe more of a collaboration….I don’t know. What is step 1.

    • Laura Sherman

      Dear Craig,

      Thanks for reaching out to me! I wrote you privately yesterday and look forward to hearing more, so that I can help.

  2. Sherry Pace

    Hello Laura,
    I have a very interesting southern tale. It is about my life of upper middle class privileges in the south with a political angle that includes jail, morality, secrets that the south loves to hold on to. I have been wanting to do this for many years and find myself in the place where I think I have time. Can you contact me?

    S Pace

    • Laura Sherman

      Thanks for reaching out to me! I will write you private to find out more. It sounds like an intriguing story!

  3. Corinne Carbajal Heywood

    I have written a few odds and ends and have much material, but haven’t a clue how to put it into a finished project, possibly my memoir.
    I am a 77 year old woman, married for 59 years.
    My husband and I had four birth children and adopted eight more so we raised twelve. My husband was in the Air Force and served in the Vietnam war as a fighter pilot. During his service we lived in Tripoli, Africa for three years. I am the daughter of a Mexican father and Spanish mother
    which gave me an interesting background. While parenting children I went to school and got my bachelors degree. I have traveled extensively for pleasure and including some medical missions as a Spanish language translator. I also took my adopted daughter from India back to India to meet her birth family. Anyway, help, there is lots more!

    • Laura Sherman

      Wow, Corinne, what a life you’ve lead! I just popped you an email and look forward to hearing back. I hope that I can help you!

    • Laura Sherman

      Dear Corinne,

      I’m definitely intrigued by your story! Wow, what a life you’ve lived. I just wrote you privately and look forward to hearing back!

  4. Amber Lopez

    I would like to discuss the possibility of you writing my husbands and my life story. It’s pretty intense but I feel it could impact the world especially where it is now…It would be a story of trial and tribulation at the deepest level. If interested please contact me.

    • Laura Sherman

      Dear Amber,

      Thanks for writing! I wrote back privately and look forward to hearing back! Thank you for reaching out!

  5. Loie Chambers

    Hi Laura,
    I am so excited that I found you online. I am a newly launched business owner who is seeking assistance. Your website is a great resource. I have a request to write a book for a young lady. This is my first big project and it’s a little scary! I need to put a contract together. Attorney upfront fee to do contract is not feasible at this point so I am extracting information from the internet. What advice do you have for me?
    Thanks for reading my Message.

    • Laura Sherman

      Hi! I wrote you back privately, but wanted to address your post here as well. The contract isn’t an easy document. I started with a jumbled mess and finally hired a lawyer to help me iron one out. I’d highly recommend finding someone to help you sort through this area. I know it’s pricey, but it’s well worth the money! Good luck!

  6. Yaw

    Hi Laura, Thanks so much for sharing. I have an idea dor techincal subject let’s say Car industry in Africa. I can’t write the techincal aspect so i need somebody to help me. What should I do? Thanks in advance.

    • Laura Sherman

      Hi! I was sorry that I couldn’t be of more help to you. I wish you luck and success with your project!

  7. Lisa

    Hi Laura

    I am sitting here waiting on the snow storm to arrive. During this time the strangest thing came to my mins, find yourself a ghost writer. I am 53 years old and I have wanted to write inspirational books for years. I have attended online writing classes, received great feed back , but due to my ADHD I can not sit still long enough to write a complete book, without another story idea popping up in my head.

    I have one book that I wrote called Georgia a let a few friends and critics read it and they said I need to get it published, but I never finished it. So what I have done and stopped was write a few Inspirational essays on Hubpages. To my surprise I picked up a few followers but again remaining consistent is my biggest battle.

    I have stories brewing inside my head I want to share these stories as I really feel they will inspire and help other woman. Most of what I would be writing is things I have experienced throughout my life time. I also have stories based on things that just come too me. I would love to speak with you to see if you can help me follow my passion and dream to be a writer or just share my creative ideas and stories.

    • Laura Sherman

      It was good to chat with you! I hope I was of some help to you!

  8. Wendy

    I have a whole lot of ideas to write about. I have always wanted to write a book about my life, which I think would be very inspiring for people like me, whom have found themselves in many different situations and yet have came through it. I am a recovering addict, that has had an spiritual experience. I once weighed 80 lbs, homeless, bald headed with a needle in my arm, and today, I am about to graduate with my BA. Im a home owner, business owner, and mother of 4. 3 kids which whom I gave away in my addiction. I really feel like if I could get the message out there, it would really help save some souls. Would you be interested in helping me get started, and if so how we do that? Glad I found you! Thanks in advance..


    • Laura Sherman

      Hi, Wendy! Thanks for writing! I just sent you an email and would love to help you.

  9. Jo Ann

    Dear Laura,

    Am in process of Authoring a chapter in a Compilation Book… and wanted to thank you…
    My delimma was that I have what will be a future full length book masquerading as a single chapter… When I told the Editor that I had 6000 words instead of 1500 she simply said, you need to hire someone to help you with this…

    I want to thank you for your pricing information and for the gifts of self you offer…. will definitely keep you in mind… TY for your priceless information!

    Jo Ann

    • Laura Sherman

      Dear Jo Ann, You are very welcome! I am happy to help. I’ll email you privately and see if we can work together! Thanks! Laura

  10. william sowell


    • Laura Sherman

      Wow, how exciting! I’ll email you privately. Thanks for reaching out!

  11. Amy

    Hi Laura. I’m still hoping to meet up with you for coffee one day soon!!

    • Laura Sherman

      Hi, there! It’s good to hear back from you! 🙂 I’d love to chat when you’re ready.


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