Employing a Ghostwriter Across All Genres to Share Your Message


employing a ghostwriter will help you write that book you've always wanted to write.You have a story inside you waiting to emerge, whatever shape it may take. Perhaps your life experiences could inspire others if it were written as a memoir. Or maybe you envision crafting a mystery thriller that keeps readers turning pages late into the night. Maybe you dream of publishing a nonfiction book revealing your industry insights. But the writing process seems daunting. This is where employing a ghostwriter opens doors for your story to flourish and come to life.


What Is a Ghostwriter?


A ghostwriter is a professional writer hired to create written content on behalf of another person or entity, who is then credited as the author. Ghostwriters collaborate closely with their clients to understand their vision, style, and objectives, ensuring that the final product aligns with their goals. While the ghostwriter’s name may not appear on the book cover, their invaluable contribution lies in transforming ideas and concepts into polished, engaging, and coherent prose.


Why Hire a Ghostwriter?


There are several compelling reasons to enlist the services of a ghostwriter:




Ghostwriters are often subject matter experts or possess exceptional writing skills, making them well-suited to tackling complex or specialized topics. When writing fiction, a ghostwriter can help you structure the story, so the reader will not be able to put your book down. The same goes for writing a memoir. Both genres follow a similar format. When it comes to nonfiction, a ghostwriter can breathe new life into whatever subject you wish to discuss. Adding humor, anecdotes, etc. goes a long way to help your readers digest your message.




Authors with busy schedules or multiple commitments may struggle to find the time to write a book. Ghostwriters can expedite the writing process. While no book can be written within a few months, it also won’t take years and years to complete. Share your proposed timeline with your ghost and they will work with you to meet that goal.




If you’re a CEO or serial entrepreneur who wishes to share your insights with future and budding business people, your first book must be well-written. This will act as your calling card and will probably bring you new clients and customers. A ghostwriter will help you communicate your message so that it appeals to your target readership. Without a professional writer by your side, your book might not express your thoughts correctly, leaving you feeling embarrassed. With the right ghostwriter, you’ll have a completed book that you’ll be proud to share with the world. After all, your name will be on it and you’ll be the author.


Employing a Ghostwriter: The Three Main Genres


Ghostwriters can help authors write a variety of different kinds of books. When I discuss my career with people at a party, most are surprised to learn that I don’t just write nonfiction books. “You mean people hire you to write fiction??” That’s right! Some are even more surprised to learn that I have penned dozens of memoirs. It seems counterintuitive I think because a memoir or autobiography is so deeply personal. While that is true, I write a memoir in the first person through my client’s eyes, I find it very easy and comfortable to slip into the viewpoint of my client. Perhaps that is because I carefully screen my clients before I take on the project. I look for certain attributes in a writing partner.


So if you’re considering employing a ghostwriter to help you with your project, let’s explore the variety of genres open to you.


Memoirs and Autobiographies


Memoirs are a popular genreYour personal history is worth preserving– let a ghostwriter help you eloquently relate your life’s journey in a way that will capture a reader’s heart. When you work with a ghostwriter they will uncover all kinds of fascinating anecdotes, characters, and moments that will mark your memorable chapters. Skilled interview techniques ensure your unique voice shines through. Any tricky memories are handled delicately. My clients have discovered that their legacy inspires future generations, giving them a sense of pride and satisfaction.


Similar to a memoir, an autobiography tells your life story but covers your entire life journey. Whereas a memoir focuses on a key era, an autobiography has the freedom to tell the entire story.


When employing a ghostwriter to write your memoir or autobiography, you will have the security of knowing that your life story will be told using all the rules of literature. Your book will read like a novel but share the true events of your life. It’s a challenging task, but one that inspires me on a daily basis. There is nothing more rewarding than helping a client share their story.




Let your ghostwriter translate your vision into a gripping fictional universe. Their storytelling expertise fleshes out vibrant characters, crafts immersive settings, and builds narrative tension. Your ghostwriter’s passion for the craft of fiction makes your novel shine. Remember, there are a lot of rules when it comes to structuring a novel. If you ignore these, your readers will become bored with the story and put the book down (and possibly give you a bad review).

There are many subgenres of fiction. Here are a few:


Historical Fiction


In addition to transporting readers to prior eras, historical fiction provides a perspective on how pivotal events shaped a character’s life. Your ghostwriter handles bringing the past to life through immersive details.


Young Adult Fiction


This genre requires inhabiting the emotions and perspectives of younger protagonists. Your ghostwriter recaptures those feelings authentically to craft relatable coming-of-age stories.


Children’s and Middle-Grade Fiction


Ghostwriters can create age-appropriate content that engages young readers, balances educational elements with entertainment, and introduces memorable characters and adventures.


Women’s Fiction


While some genres feature mostly male protagonists, women’s fiction spotlights complex, dynamic female leads. Your ghostwriter deftly captures the female experience. It’s worth noting that male and female ghostwriters can easily step into this viewpoint. You don’t need to limit yourself to a female ghost.


Dystopian Fiction


Speculative, cautionary tales of oppressive futures or societies gone wrong require diligent world-building. Your ghostwriter constructs these landscapes completely.


Science Fiction and Fantasy (Epic Fantasy)


In the realm of epic fantasy, ghostwriters can assist authors in crafting intricate worlds, cultures, and magic systems. They help maintain consistency throughout a series and ensure that the lore is well-developed. This genre often requires extensive world-building. Most likely your ghostwriter will take your notes and expand on them, offering suggestions to flesh out your world.




Ghostwriters can skillfully create suspense, tension, and dread in horror novels. They understand the art of timing and pacing, making readers experience fear in its most visceral form.




This genre often calls for a deep understanding of the American frontier and the Wild West. Employing a ghostwriter who specializes in Westerns can help authors capture the rugged spirit and historical nuances of this unique setting.


Satire and Humor


Crafting humor and satire can be challenging, and ghostwriters with a knack for comedy can assist authors in delivering punchlines, witty dialogue, and social commentary that resonates with readers.


As you can see, ghostwriters are chameleons adaptable to any fiction genre. Whether contemporary realism or fantasy, they make your fictional vision a page-turning reality from the first draft to the final polish.




Nonfiction books encompass a wide range of topics and styles, and ghostwriters are instrumental in their creation. Here are some popular nonfiction sub-genres:


Business and Leadership


employing a ghostwriter is common in the business communityExecutives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders often hire ghostwriters to articulate their ideas, strategies, and industry insights in a compelling manner. They then use this book for speaking tours. I had one client who requested that I help her create a workbook to accompany her nonfiction book. That way she could conduct seminars with participants.


Travel and Food Writing


Ghostwriters craft engaging narratives that transport readers to exotic destinations. If you have a lot to share about places you’ve visited, a ghost can help you collect your thoughts, anecdotes, and recommendations.

Professional writers can also help you organize recipes to share in a cookbook. Many readers would enjoy exploring the culinary delights of different cultures.


Academic and Educational


Ghostwriters assist academics, researchers, and educators in presenting their findings and expertise in accessible formats, such as textbooks and scholarly articles, or simply a how-to book in their field. Making a Ph.D. thesis accessible for the average reader takes a certain skill set.


In conclusion, ghostwriters are the unsung heroes of the literary world, contributing their talent and expertise to a wide array of genres and literary forms. Whether it’s helping individuals tell their life stories, creating captivating fictional worlds, or distilling expert knowledge into nonfiction works, ghostwriters play a pivotal role in bringing words to life. Their collaboration with authors and clients ensures that the stories are told, the information is shared, and the voices are heard, regardless of whose name appears on the cover.

If you are considering employing a ghostwriter to help you bring your dream of writing a book to life, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to help!



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