Do you want a cheap ghostwriter?


affordable ghostwriter (only a dime)Searching the internet, you can easily find ads for a cheap ghostwriter. They’re all over, a dime a dozen. However, is that really what you want?

Of course, you should look for a good deal, but you need to avoid the bargain-basement writers. Please don’t hire a cheap ghostwriter, someone whose rate is well below the norm. If you do, you’ll get an inferior product, which will probably need to be rewritten. It would be better to skip the project completely.

Common traits of a cheap ghostwriter

If you hire a writer for a fraction of the normal cost, you need to understand that your new writer might not be from your country of origin. It’s logical to expect that:

  • English won’t be their native language.
  • They have not lived and breathed your country and society.
  • Your natural idioms and cultural nuances will be hard for them.
  • The writing quality might not be poor.

Now, you can get lucky. While shopping around, you might find a ghostwriter in the U.S. who doesn’t know his or her worth. It can happen and they charge too little because they are desperate to work in this industry. Although they can sometimes write well, their business sense is off, which can be reflected in your working relationship. There is usually quite a bit of baggage that comes with the deal as well.

Since you know they can’t make a living on the wages they’re earning from your project, they may not devote the hours needed each week to your project. It will take them 200 to 400 hours to complete your book, so make sure they will put in the necessary time on your project before signing with them.


A new client asked me today, “What problems could I run into with a cheap ghostwriter?” It’s a good question.

Plagiarism is a real concern. If you search the internet for articles on a subject, you’ll quickly see that the popular ones have been copied (with maybe a few words changed). I’m sure those writers didn’t charge much for “their” work.

I remember researching a topic I knew well and was mortified by the slew of similar articles with incorrect information. Tracing it back, it all started with one article written by someone who didn’t know the material at all. His facts were wrong and the cheap writers just copied him, so those errors were propagated all over the net.

No experience

Another problem, probably most common with a low-end writer, is that they have little experience. As a result, they have no real idea of the work involved to complete a book. It takes time, hundreds of hours. If you pay them too little, chances are they’ll never finish.

In the end, you’ll have to hire a real writer to complete your book and they’ll probably need to start over. The sad thing is that by this time most people give up on their project and scrap the book concept. It’s too frustrating for them to continue.

It’s better to write the book yourself

If you cannot afford to pay a writer, consider writing the book yourself and hiring an editor. You can find editors who will charge three to ten cents per word, which might include light rewrites. It is an affordable approach.

My advice? Don’t hire an “affordable ghostwriter.” It’s much better to pay an experienced writer what they deserve and get a book that will make you proud!

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