How to Find Your Memoir Themes

Finding your memoir theme is a big part of storytelling.Sharing your life story through a memoir is an intimidate and special experience. As you outline your book, you should consider the incidents that will flow together to tell your life story. When you do it well, the memoir themes you wish to weave should pop out nicely.

You might be thinking, “Hey, I’m just writing what happened in my life. Why would my memoir need to have a theme?” Well, the truth is that memoir themes are vital to your story’s success. After all, a memoir is a specialized autobiography and, as such, it must follow the rules of literature.

What is a theme?

Simply put, the theme of a book is the main idea that ties everything together. This idea might express a basic universal truth, such as Love, Compassion, Tolerance, War, or Loyalty.

These general themes can be further refined to explore a specific aspect. For instance, in Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare broke down the idea of “Love” and particularly examined forbidden love and its potential consequences.

A theme can also delve into a deeper concept, such as the battle between good and evil. For example, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin explores many shades of good and evil throughout.

The theme is usually not stated outright. You never want to bonk the readers over their heads with your theme. Instead, the author gives the reader insight into his view of the world and the human condition through the characters’ beliefs, actions, experiences and conversations.

How do themes relate to memoirs?

When you write your memoir, you’re not just publishing a shopping list of memories. You are telling the story of pivotal moments in your life, of the lessons you’ve learned that make you who you are.

To capture your readers’ interest, you will need to share these incidents in the most interesting way possible, highlighting key events (creating action) and the people who influenced you most (who become characters in your book).

So, your memoir must follow the same rules as any good piece of literature: you must be able to tie the threads of your story tapestry together with a compelling theme.

How do I find my memoir themes?

Memoir theme of achieving life goal

If you’re struggling to find a good theme, check out my detailed article: Tips To Find Your Memoir Theme. To summarize, here are some key ideas you can explore:

  1. Look over your life story. Were there any obstacles you overcame? What lessons did you learn along the way? Jot these down, and they might point you in the direction of one or two memoir themes.
  2. Summarize your story in one or two sentences. When you drill down to the core of what your story is about, the theme often reveals itself.
  3. Step back and look at the big picture. Ask yourself questions such as “Why did I make that choice?” or “What would I do differently now that I know what I know today?” These questions could help you formulate your memoir themes.
  4. Talk to someone who knows your story. Since she has an outside perspective, she may spot similarities to unify your message.

I was working with a client who had an oppressive influence as a child. She hadn’t recognized it prior to our conversation, but when the stories started flooding out, she realized that an old schoolteacher wasn’t the hero she remembered him to be. One theme that came from these discussions is how one can overcome childhood adversities to become a success.

So, what are some good themes for your memoir? Well, let’s start with some examples of great memoir themes that I’ve encountered in my two decades as a ghostwriter. Maybe a few will resonate with you. Feel free to make adjustments to make them work for your story.

Persistence always wins in the end

If you’ve lived a hard life, one with lots of obstacles to overcome, this can be a great theme if you’ve triumphed. Others will benefit greatly from your story, perhaps finding the strength to pull themselves out of their current hardship.

Note: If you’re still amid the battle and really don’t have anything positive to share, now isn’t the time to write. And if your real goal is to complain to your reader, your story won’t make for a good read. I mean, would you want to read a book like that?

Continual courage can lead to victory

We have all experienced battles where the odds seemed against us. It’s what you do at those moments that counts and can make for a good story. If your life is filled with examples of courage and integrity, that would be a great theme.

I’ve ghostwritten many books with this theme. In fact, three different clients came to me with stories of escaping communism and fascism in bold and daring ways. We can all learn from their bravery.

Family is important

Family is important is a great themeThis is a simple theme, but a good one. In this day and age, where the media reports that most marriages fail and children are growing up without the support and love of their parents, a good memoir showing the beautiful bond of family is a needed commodity. Of course, this theme can go beyond the traditional family structure. If you’ve experienced success and happiness in a non-traditional setting, this can truly inspire others in a similar situation.

Then there is always a need for good advice. Especially in the field of parenting. If you’ve evolved a unique approach that had positive results, you will have an interested audience.

Simply recording your family history for future generations is also a great concept! This is a popular request of a ghostwriter.

Ethical people lead better lives

If your story highlights times when you stood up and did the right thing, even when it was difficult for you, your story can set an important example for others. It isn’t always easy to keep your integrity, especially when peers are pressuring you to do the opposite.

Writing a book that shows how you succeeded by being ethical can help others make similar choices in their own lives. Perhaps someone will pick up your book when he’s at an important crossroad in his life and just needs a gentle nudge to make the right decision.

Crime doesn’t pay

Over the years I have received a number of requests from former inmates who are eager to share their stories of reform. The ones who are passionate about this subject, who regularly go out and speak to young adults, can do well with a complementary memoir.

A memoir from a former inmate will be rough in places and won’t always be happy-go-lucky, but the lessons learned by someone who has traveled the wrong path can be helpful to others. This theme only works if the author is presently leading a successful and ethical life.

Being true to oneself brings rewards

integrity is a good memoir theme

In a world of peer pressure and a constant demand to conform, it can be hard to find one’s way. Influencers from all corners of the globe (or perhaps just down the street) loudly proclaim their “truths” and harass anyone who doesn’t agree. If you’ve remained true to your beliefs despite pressure to surrender, your courage can be a beacon for others to do the same.

For example, many young artists are guided away from their passions by people around them. The ones who have weathered the critics around them and have succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations may instill hope in others undergoing a similar struggle.

Some people have had a difficult decision to make in life and chose an unconventional route. Those authors could motivate others to consider alternative ways as well.

I ghostwrote a book about a woman whose young son had horrible symptoms. She defied her doctors by doing independent research and discovered the true nature of her son’s illness, thus saving him. This story continues to inspire parents all over the globe struggling with a similar problem.

Journeying outside of one’s comfort zone expands horizons

Journeying outside your comfort zone is a great memoir theme

So many people have well-established routines that ultimately don’t do much to fulfill their true life goals. I think most people have a vague awareness that things could be different, could be better, but have no idea how to implement the changes required to make a difference.

If you’ve broken the bonds and found new vistas of joy and fulfillment, your journey could encourage others to take their own leaps of faith.

This journey could be literal. Perhaps the author traveled to a different country and immersed himself in its culture, thereby gaining a broader understanding of what others have to endure to survive and a deeper appreciation of his own opportunities.

Or perhaps the journey is more figurative, more internal. It may be that the author has overcome a potent fear in order to pursue her dream. Or possibly she’s been able to make a change for the better, improving her moral compass along the way.

Life transitions can bring new experiences and joys

Shakespeare wrote a famous monologue about the seven ages of man, detailing each stage a person transitions through in life, a concept philosophers have been contemplating for eons. Each shift into a new phase of life can be a potent memoir theme.

Some transitions can be joyful, while others are often fraught with difficulties.  How did you approach a shift in life? Did you discover a new method of tackling a transition that could help others?

For example, perhaps when you and your spouse had children while maintaining full time jobs, you discovered some methods to juggle both successfully. Or if you’ve hit retirement early and have started a new business, you can share your successful actions and help others do the same.

As you begin to write your life story, there are so many great and inspiring memoir themes for you to explore. Really, you just need to look at the positive impact your story could have on others and then write it from the heart.

If you’re in the market to hire a ghostwriter, please contact me. I’d love to chat with you about your memoir project!

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Memoir Mistakes You Should Avoid

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    Is Ghostwriting Ethical?

    Is ghostwriting ethical?I’ve been a ghostwriter for twenty years now and love it. Although I am also a published author, there is something singularly satisfying about helping someone complete a lifelong goal of seeing their book in the hands of enthusiastic readers. However, there is a question that comes up routinely when I mention what I do. People ask, “Is ghostwriting ethical?”

    When it comes to ethics and morals, some things are very cut and dry. No, you shouldn’t steal that candy bar just because you’re hungry and broke. Yes, you should help a friend in need even if it might be inconvenient. Other issues might be less black and white; they become a personal choice. For instance, are white lies acceptable if it avoids hurting someone’s feelings? Some would say yes, while others would disagree vehemently. Still, I think most people have a good barometer for determining right from wrong.

    However, I do get a variety of responses when people hear that I write books for others. Some people wonder if what I do is really OK. Here’s a semi-typical conversation:

    “What do you do?”

    “I’m a ghostwriter. I write books for other people.”

    “So you’re telling me that you write the book, but someone else gets all the credit?”

    At this point I usually give a polite nod. “That’s right.”

    “But how is that fair?”

    “I’m paid upfront for my work. I’m fine with it. Really, I am.”

    “But…is ghostwriting ethical?”

    Now, that’s a good question, one worthy of a blog article.

    Is ghostwriting ethical?

    People wonder if ghostwriting is really ethicalI feel strongly that ghostwriting other people’s books is ethical, or I wouldn’t be in this line of work. The way I see it, I’m helping people achieve their dreams by getting their books published. If they aren’t able to write the book themselves, why not hire someone to help them?

    The exception to this rule is that ghostwriting an academic paper is decidedly unethical. Once in a while I get a PhD student writing in to ask me to write their thesis. I think we can all agree that crosses a very clear line.

    Being completely candid, some writers I know will not work as ghostwriters because they feel it isn’t right. They don’t feel right about giving up all the credit for words they’ve written. And there are authors who will not put their name on a book unless they wrote every word themselves. I admire anyone who sticks with their integrity. For these folks ghostwriting isn’t ethical for them. I always say: Never be swayed by popular opinion. Stick to your guns and decide what is right for you.

    As I said prior, ethics is a personal judgment call. Even though I feel strongly about my opinion, I can also see the other viewpoint. In the end, you must decide if ghostwriting is an ethical choice for you.

    Ghostwriters are everywhere

    Ghostwriters are everywhere. Maybe it would help to know that ghostwriting is a common practice. There are many published authors who had help writing their books. There are tens of thousands of freelance writers, but most don’t make a living ghostwriting books. That’s a more elite group.

    You might be wondering how you can tell if a book is ghostwritten. Well, that’s a little tricky because typically a ghostwriter signs a Non-disclosure agreement. However, if you look through the books at your local bookstore, there are a few indicators that the book was written by a ghost.

    Look to see if there are two authors listed on the cover and one’s name is preceded by “as told to” or “with,” these are both standard ghostwriting credits. Also, flip to the back and look at the Acknowledgment section. Many clients have mentioned me there, thanking me for my help (sometimes even mentioning my company name).

    When you start looking for ghostwriters, you’ll start to see them more and more. It’s a bit like when you become a parent and become aware of all the strollers, car seats, and diaper bags in the world. They were always there, but now that you’re looking for them, they seem to be everywhere.

    Plagiarism isn’t ethical

    Plagiarism is when someone copies someone else’s work, doesn’t give him or her credit, and then tries to pass it off as their own work. This is illegal. It’s a misdemeanor, which can result in fines and possibly jail time. You can’t just steal other people’s work.

    Some people confuse plagiarism and ghostwriting. They are very different, because a ghostwriter is paid to write for an author. The contractual agreement states that the author will own the copyrights for the work at the end of the project.

    Now if a ghostwriter plagiarizes someone else’s work and turns it into the client, that is illegal. This can happen when authors pay ghostwriters very little and give them a miniscule deadline. They think their getting a good deal, but in the end, the author might be the one paying the fine and spending a few months in prison for the crime committed. It’s best to pay professional writers what they are worth.

    Ghostwriting is similar to other industry practices

    If you’re still on the fence and wondering if ghostwriting is ethical, consider that our agreement is not unlike others that exist in other fields. For example, large companies hire employees to write software programs or design equipment for them, asking them to assign the rights to them once the project is complete. The employees don’t usually get to keep the patents; the large corporation does.

    How do you feel about this point? Is it ethical for an author to hire a ghostwriter to write a book for him or her? I’d like to hear your opinion! Please feel free to email me to discuss.

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    Your Guide to Hiring a Ghostwriter

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      Two Ways to Publish a Book

      Have you completed your manuscript and are confused about how to publish a book? Firstly, bravo on having completed your first book. I know that takes a lot of time and energy to accomplish.

      Now that you have a completed book in hand, it’s time for the follow-through. Honestly, that’s where a lot of people fall short. Your book can’t sit on your computer forever. It’s a communication others wish to read.

      It’s time to publish your book!

      Two ways to publish a book

      One of the top questions I routinely receive is, “How do I publish a book?” It’s a popular query. To simplify things a bit, you have two real options:

      1. Find an agent, who will help you find a publisher.
      2. Self-publish your book.

      So, how do you know which is the best option for you?

      Traditional publishers

      If your story has been featured heavily in the news for the last few months or you are a top celebrity, you probably want to hire an agent and find a publisher. It won’t be hard and you might get an advance (money paid by the publisher when the contract is signed, which is paid against future sales of your book). They will take over the publishing process for you, so all you really need to worry about is writing your book.

      However, if you fall into the category that most people do, where you have an excellent fiction or nonfiction book concept, but you aren’t a household name, you’re probably better off self-publishing your book. You can always try to find a publisher, but they will need to see that you have an excellent marketing plan with a proven track record in sales before they will invest with you.

      Self-publish your book

      Learn how to publish your bookMany people don’t realize that publishers expect their authors to help them sell their books. Authors need to be out there, very visibly, making an impact with their readers. Action is key.

      Today, self-publishing is a good, viable option.

      When you self-publish, you will need to market and sell your book on your own. Here are a few tips:

      • Read up on how to self-publish and market your book.
      • Create a website to promote your book.
      • Attach a blog to your website and blog as often as you can.
      • Guest blog on relevant sites.
      • Ask people to review your book and post these reviews on their blogs and
      • Always keep copies of your book in your car so you can sell them when the opportunity arises.

      It’s also a good plan to set up avenues for selling your book. Some people do a lot of public speaking and lectures, while others hold book-signings. There are various options. Get creative with it and enjoy the process!

      If you haven’t written your book yet, that’s your first step. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

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      Four Different Ghostwriting Methods

      Understanding Characters

      Record Your Family History for Future Generations

      Record Family HistoryI’ve been a ghostwriter for many years and love what I do. I get to take on many different characters, such as a slothful worker in a futuristic world or a teenage rebel in Communist Hungary. I also get to share important knowledge that was once only known to an elite few. And sometimes clients ask me to record their family history for their future generations. It a great memoir theme!

      So, it goes without saying that I’m grateful for the opportunity to help my clients write their books.

      By far, the most common request I receive is to help people write their memoirs, their life stories and adventures. Each one is so different, each client with their own voice, message, and purpose for writing their book.

      Zeroing in on the purpose

      When I interview a potential client, one of my first tasks is to get their true motivation behind the book project. That’s important for a number of reasons.

      For one thing, I want to help them achieve their goals. Honestly, my clients’ goals become mine as we form a writing team.

      One of my favorite aspects about being a ghostwriter is that I get to become a family’s historian. It’s an honor to be allowed into each client’s inner circle, so that I can record their stories for future generations—children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

      Record your memories

      Many of my clients have no intention of ever publishing their memoirs. One recently told me, “It’s just too personal.” They have me write their stories simply out of fear their memories and lessons-learned will get lost over time, especially when they pass on. It’s a valid concern. Taking the time to write down their words, thoughts, and ideas has been not only important to them but to their families as well.

      The advantage of hiring a ghostwriter to record your family history is that should you decide to have it published, you will already have a marketable book, one you can easily self-publish on There’s no obligation to have the final book published, of course, but why not give yourself the option of sharing your story with others when the time is right?

      Appointing your family historian

      While hiring a ghostwriter has many advantages, I understand that not everyone can afford the fee. In that case, I recommend appointing someone in your family to be the historian. Once selected, encourage and help that person interview every family member as in-depth as possible.

      One tip I can offer the family historian is to capture each person’s exact words. After all, everyone has a different way of expressing themselves. There’s no right or wrong here, just jot down any idioms they might use and make a note of their mannerisms.

      Don’t be a grammar police

      Incident of a book: couple drinking coffeeBut whatever you do, don’t correct their grammar. You’re not their seventh grade English teacher. If Grandpa says, “ain’t,” keep it that way. It’s real and it’s him, and will allow future generations a better sense of who he was. Record exactly what each person says as they say it.

      Through this journey, you will likely discover that your elders have lived through some amazing times. Perhaps your great uncle fought in a war. Or your grandmother escaped a brutal dictator. Maybe various family members traveled to a variety of exotic locations you never knew about. Whatever the case, you’re bound to learn a lot about your family.

      So, when should you start?


      I mean it!

      Time isn’t always on your side, especially if members of your family are getting on in years. So now is the perfect opportunity to talk with them. Go for it! And have fun!

      If you need help, feel free to contact me. I love helping families record their history! Check out a few of my testimonials.

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      Questions for a Ghostwriter

      how much is a ghostwriterAre you interested in hiring a ghostwriter?

      If so, you probably have a few questions. After all, hiring a ghostwriter isn’t an everyday activity!

      Throughout the years, I’ve discussed various topics in this blog, so when appropriate I’ll refer you to those articles to help clarify some of the answers.

      How much does a ghostwriter cost?

      This is by far the number one question I receive. Most people honestly have no idea how much a professional writer charges. It’s a little like going to an art gallery and asking the owner for a price on a painting you like. It might only be twenty dollars or it could be twenty thousand or more, right?

      I know the topic of money can be uncomfortable for some, so I’ve written a two articles about this subject:

      How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Ghostwriter?

      A Ghostwriter’s Fee: How Do They Charge?

      The simple answer is that you can expect to pay anywhere from twenty-five thousand to seventy-five thousand dollars for a hundred to three hundred page book. Anything less and you’re hiring someone with little or no experience (and please beware of plagiarized work).

      How long does it take to write a book?

      Ghostwriters usually budget between four months and two years to write a book. Personally, I ask for six to eight months to write a full-length book, although I might be able to complete it faster. Some projects require extra research and interviews, so I like to leave some buffer room. Having said that, if a client needs it sooner, I do what I can to accommodate their schedule.

      Does a ghostwriter publish books? Do they edit?

      The main job of a ghostwriter is to write your book, in your voice and style, with your information and ideas. While some ghostwriters do edit, not all are trained editors. For instance, I’m not. And most ghostwriters and editors are not publishers.

      Here is an article I wrote that breaks down the jobs of writing professionals in detail:

      What Is the Difference Between a Ghostwriter, an Editor, a Proofreader, and a Publisher?

      Do ghostwriters ever work for a percentage of the sales of the book (royalties)?

      No. Professional writers are always paid upfront.

      Does it upset you that, even though you wrote the book, someone else gets all the credit?

      Over the years, I have been asked this a lot. My answer is no, it really doesn’t bother me at all. That seems to surprise some people.

      In reality, I see the book as my client’s baby. That would make me the midwife. Yes, I work hard to deliver the book, but the author is the one who came up with the idea, who provided all the information. It really is their book.

      I love writing books for other people, helping them fulfill their lifelong dream!

      Sometimes people ask me if the whole concept of ghostwriting is ethical. I wouldn’t be in this business if I felt it was wrong. Here’s an article I wrote about that subject:

      Is Ghostwriting Ethical?

      What kind of books do you write?

      I love writing most genres and have written quite a few prescriptive nonfiction books (how-to books), novels, and memoirs. Having said that, I specialize in uplifting books that help, inspire, or teach others.

      For an example of prescriptive nonfiction, check out my book, Chess Is Child’s Play: Teaching Techniques That Work.

      For an example of a memoir I ghostwrote, please review, Joshua’s Missing Peace.

      How do you get the information needed to write a book for a client?

      Every client is different. That’s part of the fun! I often get hundreds of pages of notes, which can be in the form of a very rough draft. Although the book needs to be completely rewritten, the notes are very helpful.

      Sometimes a client doesn’t like to write or research, so I need to interview the person extensively. This usually requires about thirty to fifty hours.

      In addition, I always double and triple check everything using the internet, the library, and book stores. It’s important to verify information.

      I hope this article has helped answer some of the questions you may have had about ghostwriters. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know. I’ll do my best to answer them!

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      Working With A Ghostwriter – What Steps Should You Take?


      “When I first decided to write a book, I was unsure of everything.  I had a story to tell but was unsure of how to even begin.  Laura gave me direction and was able to create a flow to my book, helping me fill in what was needed and editing out what was not.  I can honestly say I would have never stayed on track to finish it had it not been for her guidance and support.  I felt I had full control, yet she provided ideas and suggestions.  If I have the opportunity to write another book, Laura will be the first person I call!”

      – Lori Suthar, Author of Joshua’s Missing Peace

      “My name is Antonio Francesca and I am a novelist. In the past 10 years I have come to work on and create various writing projects with Laura Sherman. The most memorable collaboration concerned my fast selling novel called The Card House which is being sold today at Barnes and Noble.

      “Collaboration in writing something original like The Card House is a broad word that could mean a little or a lot. In my case it was a lot. From the very beginning Laura worked with my creative ideas and between us we fashioned a first-rate novel. I cannot give her enough praise as one can see with my heartfelt acknowledgements seen on the first page of the novel.

      “Today I am negotiating with a West Coast film producer for three original manuscripts and all have had Laura’s input and writing genius attached to them.

      “I hope that the future for me and my writings will always have Laura right there creating every step of the way.”

      – Antonio Francesca, President and CEO, Ironbound Films, Inc.

      “Throughout the whole project I have felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction because I knew my life story was with a professional who cares to reflect the inner feelings I have and to describe the minute details in a powerful way.”

      – R.Z., PhD and CEO of many successful businesses

      “When I decided to write my memoirs, I researched various ghostwriters. Laura Sherman was personally referred to me, so I looked into her thoroughly online. I also called three people from her testimonials page. They all did nothing but praise her work and express their satisfaction. After interviewing her, I was sold. Working with Laura has been a true pleasure. She is patient, competent, thoughtful, and extremely dedicated. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to write a book!”

      – John Guttmann, senior executive financial adviser

      “Laura Sherman is incredible! She worked with my vision, wading through all my notes, speeches and outlines, dissecting them to create a book with my voice and style, which bears my name. My advice to anyone seeking help with their book is to hire Laura! She is very friendly and oozes professionalism. It’s my pleasure to recommend her!”

      – J.F. “The Goal Girl”

      “Words can not describe the incredible impact of Laura’s writing services. Her skills are by far worth the investment. I would recommend her to anyone seeking an expert writer to guide their work.”

      – Davis Tademy, business coach and motivational speaker

      “Laura is the ideal Ghostwriter. I have seen her take a dull writing project and make it sparkle with life, interest, and readability. She is a rarity in the Ghostwriting arena. She tackles a writing job as if it was her own. She breathes the identity and personality of the author into it by knowing how to absorb the author’s purpose and voice. Her broad background, wit, writing skills, and high intelligence go a long way to giving the client a product that is in a stellar class.”

      – Lawrence Sledge, Ghostwriter

      “Laura and I recently began our professional relationship, and we hit it off immediately. She is a fantastic communicator and tenacious as a bulldog when it comes to making sure all of her clients’ needs are served. And she is a fantastic writer, editor, project manager, and team player, who would always be an asset to your organization!”

      – Karen Cole, Ghost Writer, Inc.

      “We hired Laura to write articles using the depth and breadth of her knowledge of the home loan industry and we couldn’t be more pleased with the work she produced. Laura can come up with ideas like no other. She can slice and dice a subject a million ways and still come up with something new to say. Her work is always of the highest professional caliber, on time, and error free.  I can’t recommend her enough.”

      – Diana Lundin, Senior Editor at

      “When my partner and I decided to write a book, we interviewed many ghostwriters. Some were very inexpensive, while others were too pricey for our budget. Laura wasn’t the least expensive writer, but we chose her because she was so passionate about writing.

      “We needed a very quick turnaround time. Laura made it clear that as long as we cooperated, she would finish the book on time. And she did! Laura went above and beyond our expectations. She even included her own business experience into various chapters, giving us the informative book we wanted. I am very pleased with all her work and will continue to use her for my future writing needs. Thank you, Laura, and may God keep blessing you!”

      – Edwin Carrion, Founder of Infinity Jewelers

      Laura is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever met. Her professionalism, good humor, and ability to bring out the best in everyone she works with makes her the consummate professional, and I am looking forward to working on many more projects with Laura.”

      – Sidney Morgan Diamond, Freelance Writer

      Laura is a fantastic writer. She asks questions, makes sure she understands assignments and then delivers a close-to-publish-ready copy on time and with greater depth and value than you expect. I can’t recommend her highly enough – a true gem of a freelance writer.”

      – Owen Linderholm, Owner at Press For Change Publishing

      “Laura combines attention to detail with a relaxed, big-picture approach to the people and issues of a project. She uses both to set the stage for successful collaboration. I have enjoyed working with her very much.”

      – Edit Repak, Clear Financial, LLC

      “I truly recommend Laura as a writer. She instantly understood what I wanted and delivered it very quickly. Thank you, Laura, for all your help!”

      – Jan Fowler, Daybreak Communications

      Coaching Testimonials:

      Wow! I’ve received more training in 45 minutes with you than in my three years of experience altogether. You are truly gifted in your approach and are an amazing coach!”

      – R.W.

      “Laura Sherman is a talented ghostwriter with savvy business expertise—a powerful combination. As a motivated newcomer to this field, I have greatly appreciated her willingness to share her wealth of knowledge. Her coaching has helped me to hone a strong focus for my writing business, fine tune my marketing materials, and develop my approach to discussing projects with clients. Her responses are immediate—I sometimes wonder when she eats or sleeps. J  Her feedback is always right on the mark, targeting the next best step for me to take to continue to grow, as a writer and as a businesswoman…heck, as a human being! I would highly recommend her as a coach. Her positivity and support is tempered with just the right dose of no-nonsense pragmatism.

      Kyle Cushman

      “I’m a beginning ghostwriter and I was previously working for as little as two cents per word from just one regular client. I had no idea of the way in which my client had taken advantage. Thanks to Laura’s guidance, I’m in the process of growing my portfolio and increasing my rates. She’s given me the confidence to be not just a writer but a businesswoman. She did NOT just tell me whatever I wanted to hear; she told me what I had to do to be successful. I had my doubts that such simple ‘tricks’ would work, but I’m being proven wrong.”

      Shayn Nicely

      “I recently spent twenty minutes on the phone speaking with Laura and I have to say, I was most struck by her candidness and professionalism.  Right off the bat, she let me know that her goal was simply to be as transparent as she possibly could, that she was not afraid of losing trade secrets or ideas to a competitor.  She listened attentively and spoke frankly, guiding me as a friend who has traveled the path ahead and wants another to succeed as well.  And that is what I valued most.  She was a friend.  And while she knew more about the business and technical craft of writing than I, she simply remained patient and imparted wisdom where it was needed, as any intelligent mentor would.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Laura!  I look forward to more quality coaching and dialogue with you soon!”

      – Jason Bornstein

      If there was one word that could sum up my interactions with Laura Sherman, it would be inspirational. As a reluctant writer, returning to the craft after a long hiatus, Sherman has been more than a colleague, but a mentor and friend, as well. Using her years of experience as a guide, Sherman has always shown herself to be honest, knowledgeable, and above all, a consummate professional.  I couldn’t be more grateful to have her expertise in my life.  And, I know that when I publish my first novel, I will have Laura Sherman to thank for lending her ear.

      – Jean Maskuli, Emmy award-winning author and producer

      “Laura Sherman is naturally giving and a very easy-going person to work with. She is always willing to share good, sound advice on everything from the nuts and bolts of the craft to the business side and she is never shy about going a little further than is expected. In an increasingly complicated world for writers, she has the sage perspective of someone who has been there, along with an infectious risk-taking spirit.”

      – Erick Mertz, professional writer

      I got THREE TIMES my old asking price after being coached (for a very short time) by Laura. I never thought I could make so much money. My old ways are gone forever…thanks to her! I will continue to learn and earn! I recommend Laura Sherman to anyone who wants to better their business and learn from a professional!

      – Deb Davis, professional writer

      “As a beginning freelance writer, I found myself frequently overwhelmed about how to get my writing and marketing foundation established. During my consultation with Laura, she quickly zeroed in on some key steps I could implement right away. After our discussion, I was inspired to tackle bigger projects with greater confidence. She opened my eyes to possibilities I had not imagined.

      – Terri Carr, freelance writer

      Laura’s patience, intelligence, and dedication were obvious to me from the get-go. I would not only recommend her as a ghostwriter, but also for help with social networking and advice on self-publishing.

      – Barbara, author

      As the author of three books, and I believe a talented writer, I’ve long been aware of my glaring weaknesses in the area of marketing. How to generate sales of my books, even the one that won a national award, has been frustrating.

      I have learned that hiring others to market those books, at least for me, has been expensive and futile. I have spent tons of money along those lines and received next of nothing in return.

      The most valuable information I’ve yet to receive in the area of book marketing came in a free 20-minute phone conversation with a writing coach named Laura Sherman. Not only extremely educated on the topic, Laura seems to be down-to-earth in her teaching style and literally appears to be more than willing to freely share from her storehouse of knowledge.

      An avid note taker, the amount of work ahead of me to accomplish my goals to upgrade my marketing skills, as learned through Laura in those 20 minutes, is overwhelming. Still, as a marketing coach, her role is to explain the best steps for me to achieve my intended goal, then leave it up to me to follow through.

      – Rocky Wilson, author

      Laura Sherman | The Friendly Ghostwriter

      Laura Sherman | The Friendly Ghostwriter“Laura combines attention to detail with a relaxed, big-picture approach to the people and issues of a project. She uses both to set the stage for successful collaboration. I have enjoyed working with her very much.” – Edit Repak, Clear Financial, LLC

      Often people ask me, “What do you do?”

      I like to smile and answer, “I’m Laura the Friendly Ghostwriter!

      No one thinks that’s boring.

      I love to write and am happiest when I have multiple projects going at once. Typically I have a few memoirs or autobiographies going, a nuts and bolts business how-to book and a couple of novels bubbling away on the burners.

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      Ghost writer

      Laura Sherman, The Friendly Ghost Writer


      Do you want to write a book? I believe everyone has at least one book within them!

      Do you have a personal story that could inspire and uplift others? Or perhaps you have specialized wisdom that could benefit many. Now is the time to write a book!

      Most people never realize the dream of seeing their book published. They either don’t have the time to write or don’t have the ability to form their ideas into the written word.

      It is a shame, because a lot of those book ideas are good. Some are great. And some are important books that must be published.

      As you read this, are you thinking about a book project that you have pushed to the back burner for years?

      Whatever you do, don’t allow another year to go by before you write a book. Get the help of a professional ghost writer and complete it now!


           “When I first decided to write a book, I was unsure of everything.  I had a story to tell but was unsure of how to even begin. 

           “Laura gave me direction and was able to create a “flow” to my book, helping me to fill in what was needed and editing out what was not.  I can honestly say I would have never stayed on track to finish it had it not been  for her guidance and support.  I felt I had full control, yet she provided ideas and suggestions. 

           “If I have the opportunity to write another book, Laura will be the first person I call!” – Lori Suthar

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