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There is no magic fairy dust you can sprinkle on a book to make it sell well. Every author must market his or her own book, alongside the publisher and publicist. You must roll up your sleeves and promote your book.

With the advent of internet marketing, it is a lot easier to sell a book. There are excellent tools you can use from your home. Sure, you can try book signings, but they can be frustrating and difficult to set up.

Harness the internet and increase sales from the comfort of your living room.

Learn about social media

It’s true, social media takes time. That’s the common complaint. You will need to learn the protocol of each site. And you cannot market too overtly or you will alienate people. Each site has its own flavor, so you need to devote time to learning it.

However, once you have it down, it can be lots of fun!

You will build relationships, help others and receive help in return. Now and then you might just find a new client! I’ve sold books through Twitter and Facebook, as well as LinkedIn. I have also received new writing clients through these websites.

It is worth your time to learn about social media. Which is your favorite site?


If you have a book, you should create a blog. Start writing articles that center around the concept of your project before the book is published.

For instance, if you’re writing a book about the best games to play at children’s parties, start blogging about your own experiences. You can pull concepts from your book, but make sure you don’t just repeat what is there.

Instead, complement your book with pictures and anecdotes that couldn’t fit in the book.

Try to blog two or three times a week. If that is too extreme, once a week will do. However, if you simply blog when you can, it will still help you.

Seek reviewers

Find bloggers or professionals who are experts in your book’s subject and ask them to review your book. Start by Googling the topic and see what comes up.

You should send the reviewer a free review copy of your book. There is no guarantee that the review will be favorable, but typically people will not print bad reviews (they will opt to decline).

You will need to follow up once you send the review copy. Keep in mind that people are busy, so they may forget your book. It’s probably buried under a pile of papers, so you will need to nudge them.

Never pay to have anyone review your book. That is the same as posting and ad and personally, I feel it is unethical, as it is highly misleading.

There are many fun ways to promote your book. These are just a few suggestions. Talk to other authors and find out what they are doing. Look for the free choices, as ads require a serious investment. Select creative promotional ideas, which don’t cost anything.

If you’re a successful author, please share your marketing ideas. What worked well for you?

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