Do you want to write a book? I believe everyone has at least one book within them! Do you have a personal story that could inspire and uplift others? Or perhaps you have specialized wisdom that could benefit many. Now is the time to write a book!

Most people never realize the dream of seeing their book published. They either don’t have the time to write or don’t have the ability to form their ideas into the written word.

It is a shame, because a lot of those book ideas are good. Some are great. And some are important books that must be published.

As you read this, are you thinking about a book project that you have pushed to the back burner for years?

Whatever you do, don’t allow another year to go by before you write a book. Get the help of a professional ghostwriter and complete it now!

“If I have the opportunity to write another book, Laura will be the first person I call!”

– Lori Suthar

About Me

Often people ask me, “What do you do?”

 I like to smile and answer, “I’m Laura the Friendly Ghostwriter!”

No one thinks that’s boring.

I love to write and am happiest when I have multiple projects going at once. Typically I have a few memoirs or autobiographies going, a nuts and bolts business how-to book and a couple of novels bubbling away on the burners.

I have the expertise and experience to guide you through the ghostwriting process. Over the last two decades, I’ve authored and ghostwritten nearly three dozen books, so I know what it takes to complete a manuscript.
I care about each and every one of my clients. I’m not a big corporation with dozens of writers who churn out content. I’m here to help you with that story or experience that you’ve had in the back of your mind for years.

“I knew my life story was with a professional who cares to reflect my inner feelings & to describe the minute details in a powerful way.”

– R.Z.

How Does Pricing Work?

Costs vary depending on the specific needs of each project, but a good rule of thumb is $1 per word or approximately $250 per page. Projects generally start in the $25,000 range. All this said, I am here to help and a quick phone call can help me give you more accurate pricing or if we determine I’m not the best fit for your budget, I can often offer other suggestions that might be a better fit for your needs.

Please don’t ask me to work for a percentage of the profits of the completed book. Professional writers always need to be paid in advance.

Let's work together to complete your book!

Please fill out this form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible (usually the same day). Share with me a bit about you and your project, as well as the proposed length of your book, the rough budget, and your deadline.

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