Are you part way through a first draft and can’t figure out how to continue?

Or perhaps you have an excellent idea for a book, and you’re stuck at square one.

How do you begin?

I get it.

Perhaps you need a book consultant.

Find a theme for your memoir

Whatever the situation, I’m eager to help you complete your book project. Let me steer you through the writing process. You will be the author; I’ll simply guide you through to a finished manuscript.

As a professional ghostwriter with over thirty books under my belt, I am qualified to consult on a variety of books:

  • Business books
  • Fiction of various genres
  • Memoirs

Writing a book is a lot less challenging with a friendly ghostwriter by your side every step of the way. Think of me as your friendly safety net.

Creating an outline

Are you stalled on your project? If so, it is likely there’s a problem with the structure and flow of your book. You can solve this problem with an outline. An outline allows the author to plot out the story and plan crucial literary elements that will result a riveting book. Allow me to help you work out an outline that will provide you with the road map you need.

Completing the first draft

A lot of new authors get tripped up on the basic rules of writing. I’m not referring to grammar and spelling, but fundamental rules of structure and storytelling. I can teach these to you. The process of writing a book doesn’t have to be complex. At the end, you’ll have a first draft you can take to your editor.

Consulting a book doctor

No one writes a perfect first draft that’s ready to turn into a publisher. Every writer needs to rework his or her initial manuscript. I will give you a thorough developmental edit so that you can strengthen your book in all the key places.

Email me today and we’ll set up our first call!