More Reviews for Chess Is Child’s Play

Reviews have been steadily coming in for Chess Is Child’s Play: Teaching Chess That Work!  Here are a few from parents of young children:

Elena Brower (mother from NY): Your book transformed me. For 41 years I was afraid to learn chess, and in reading and learning from your book, I was able to teach myself AND my 5-year old son. We play all the time, our brains are working and I am proud to finally understand this refined and incredible game. THANK YOU for your incredibly accessible, fun, and super-practical instruction.

Sergio Couto (father from Spain): I’ve started reading the book, and I love it. I’d read two or three books for children before, but nothing to do with this. It’s wonderful. My son, Danel, is 40 months old. He already knew the name of the pieces, but I didn’t know how to continue teaching him. He is very nervous and it’s difficult for him to concentrate. I find very very important, specially for him, learning chess. Today I’ve started teaching him with the help of your book. We’ve started with Chapter 4. I was very happy, because he could do all the games and exercises. I tried to continue with the rook, and, incredibly, he was very concentrated, and happy, and he wanted more and more. We only did 2-3 exercises of the Rook, but he could move them perfectly and we played some of the games. I couldn’t believe. He said that he wanted to play another day. I’ll tell you how it’s going. It’s really worth buying it.

Susan Heim (mother of twins): Many people have the misconception that chess is a game for “older kids” or for “super-smart kids.” But Laura Sherman and Bill Kilpatrick, authors of “Chess Is Child’s Play: Teaching Techniques That Work,” will tell you that just isn’t true! Children can begin learning how to play chess as early as preschool, and they don’t have to be little prodigies to master it. In fact, chess just might make them smarter! The key, say the authors, is to make teaching the game age-appropriate and fun. Most children are fascinated by the look of the chess pieces, and love to discover the unique characteristics of each one.

Chess Is Child’s Play” is a book for parents. You don’t even have to know how to play chess to use it. It will teach you and your child together! Or if you already know how to play, it will show you how to explain and teach the game to your child in a way that he or she will understand, with minimum frustration and plenty of bonding time. I love how this book anticipates any problems you might have through its “Troubleshooting Tips.” Sidebars labeled “Coffee Talk” and “Coach’s Corner” focus on extra stories and techniques learned from the authors’ years of experience in teaching chess to children. I encourage you to pick up a chess board and a copy of this book and get started in learning a game that you and your children will enjoy for a lifetime!

Laura Sherman (119 Posts)

Laura Sherman, a.k.a. “Laura the Friendly Ghostwriter,” is a professional ghostwriter and author. She enjoys writing fiction and nonfiction and is happiest when juggling multiple projects. She recently authored “Chess Is Child’s Play” to introduce the next generation to the game of kings and queens. As a parent of three, and one of the top 50 women chess players in the United States, Laura wrote this book to teach any parent to teach any child, of any age, to play chess.