Calling All Entrepreneurs! Imagine Publishing a Book to Win Clients.

Let me be clear, I adore entrepreneurs.

You are so brilliantly unique and wonderfully essential to our society. We need more of you in our world, continually enriching us with your creativity and productivity.

I’m fully aware that you live and breathe your product or service. You give of yourself wholeheartedly and rarely live by the clock, because you love what you do.

After talking to many self-created business owners, I understand the challenge involved with building a client base. There are many techniques, but success always seems to boil down to entering the tricky world of sales.

Let’s be real, what entrepreneur can make a living while attempting to elude sales?

It’s safe to say that you must bite the bullet and embrace the inner salesman within you.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I’m not taking about becoming a greedy, aggressive, pushy person who tries to force things on people they don’t honestly need. No, I’m talking about honing the intricate art of interesting people in the product or service that you provide.

That’s where ghostwriters come in.

That’s where I come in.

How many potential clients could you interest if you authored a well-written book about your niche-market expertise?

“Well, Mrs. Prospect, funny you should ask. The fact is, I wrote the book on that subject!”

There are only a few things that impress people more than this. And it holds true for so many types of business. Whether you’re selling gluten-free cupcakes or specializing in commercial real estate, do you agree that you can draw in more clients if you’re a published author on the subject?

Chances are, if you are a successful entrepreneur, you could write this book yourself. You have the necessary talent and creative ability, but let’s be realistic…

Do you have the time to write your book yourself?

Writing a book takes hundreds of hours. That’s why most successful entrepreneurs find it cost effective to hire a ghostwriter.

The next question becomes: Am I able to afford to hire a professional writer?

Only you can answer that question!

Basically, as with any business decision, it comes down to finances.

The first step, the first calculation, involves figuring out how many new clients you’ll receive when you author a book. If you hand your book to a prospect, they’re more likely to become a client. Bottom line, you’re certain to gain credibility and earn respect, which should translate to new business.

I’m not here to talk you into this idea, but if you’ve read this far, you must like the concept.

The next step is to calculate what sort of income you can expect from those new clients. Don’t forget to factor in your expenses associated with this new business. Let’s keep it real and be conservative.

Now balance that with the cost of hiring a ghostwriter, $40,000 for a 200-page book. Plan for the project to take you a year or more to complete then add in another six months to a year to publish and market your work. Give yourself time. It’s not an overnight process.

If you’re ahead financially after five years, is that a promising investment for you?

If not, consider writing a shorter book. Most ghostwriters charge by the word, so that will cut down on costs.

So, what did you decide?

If you’ve determined it is a wise business plan to reach out and hire a ghostwriter, please email me. I’m interested in hearing from you, learning about your project. Please include your budget and time line, so that I can fully understand your needs.

Invest in yourself and others will be more likely to invest in you!


Writing and Publishing Your book

Do you have a great book idea?

Having talked to many people over the last decade or so, I have heard a lot of excellent book concepts. Some clients want to write their exciting life story while others have a good how-to book in mind. And many have a fictional story they want to share.

It seems to me, the place where many of them fall short is the follow-through. Coming up with the idea is one thing, but writing your book then getting it published takes some dedication and know-how.

One of the top questions I routinely receive is, “How do I publish a book?” So, I wanted to address this topic for those of you who may have the same question. Basically, there are two main choices:

  1. Find an agent, who will help you find a publisher.
  2. Self-publish your book.

So, how do you know which is the best option for you?

Well, if your story has been featured heavily in the news for the last few months or you are a top celebrity, you probably want to hire an agent and find a publisher. It won’t be hard and you might get an advance (money paid by the publisher when the contract is signed, which is paid against future sales of your book). They will take over the publishing process for you, so all you really need to worry about is writing your book.

However, if you fall into the category that most people do, where you have an excellent fiction or nonfiction book concept, but you aren’t a household name, you’re probably better off self-publishing your book. You can always try to find a publisher, but they will need to see that you have an excellent marketing plan with a proven track record in sales, before they will invest with you.

Many people don’t realize that publishers expect their authors to sell their own books. Authors need to be out there, very visibly, making an impact with their readers. Action is key.

Today, self-publishing is a good, viable option.

When you self-publish, you will need to market and sell your book on your own, but here are a few tips:

  • Get a website going early on to promote your book.
  • Read up on how to self-publish and market your book.
  • Attach a blog to your website and blog as often as you can.
  • Guest blog on relevant sites.
  • Ask people to review your book and post these on their blogs and
  • Always keep copies of your book in your car so you can sell it.

It’s also a good plan to set up avenues for selling your book. Some people do a lot of public speaking and lectures while others hold book-signings. There are various options. Get creative with it and enjoy the process!

However, the first step involves actually writing a book. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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You Must Market Your Own Book


Sale graph for Chess Is Child’s Play

There is no magic fairy dust you can sprinkle on a book to make it sell well. Every author must market his or her own book, alongside the publisher and publicist. You must roll up your sleeves and promote your book.

With the advent of internet marketing, it is a lot easier to sell a book. There are excellent tools you can use from your home. Sure, you can try book signings, but they can be frustrating and difficult to set up.

Harness the internet and increase sales from the comfort of your living room.

Read More

How to Become a Ghostwriter

If you are interested in becoming a ghostwriter, I can offer you a free 20 minute consultation, which will get you started. Contact me today for a special introductory package!

I was recently asked to speak about how I became a successful ghostwriter. Enjoy this radio interview:

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What Is a C.V.?

Yogendra174 /Foter

What is a C.V. and what does it mean?

C.V. stands for Curriculum Vitae, which is Latin for “the course of my life.” It is the modern day resume, which is more comprehensive, providing a potential employer with an overview of a person’s professional background.

Personally, I still use the word “resume.” I think today the two terms are pretty well interchangeable. However, with a resume, you must make sure it is one or two pages. A C.V. can be longer.

Please check out my resume if you’d like to see an example. It has worked well for me!

What should my C.V. or resume have?

Consider what you would want to know about someone if you were hiring them! That will help you put together your C.V.

Here are some elements that you’ll want to include:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your educational background
  • Your work experience
  • Your achievements

These are the basic elements, but you can get creative with it. Don’t be too mechanical. For instance, when I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Civil Engineering, I had no experience. However, I received a high paying job right out of the gate. Why?

On my resume, I made sure to include that I was one of the top 50 women chess players in the country. It came up in almost every interview as a point of interest with the employer. I’d watch him read my resume with a sort of glazed bland expression, waiting for him to come to that line, when his eyes would inevitably pop.

What should go first on my C.V. or resume?

This is a very important point. This goes back to the original question: What is a C.V.? What is the purpose of this document?

You want to promote yourself so that your potential new boss sees you in the right light and hires you, right? Lead with your best feature!

If you have a PHD in your field, by all means, lead with education.

If you have just written a best-selling book, that should be top on the list!

If you have no work experience, but are an Olympic gold medal winner, that should be the focus, front and center.

People often start with work experience, because that is most relevant, but you need to decide what is right for you. What will get you noticed?  And again, what would you want to see at the top of the resume?

Please feel free to share your resume or C.V. here. Provide a link, so that we can learn more about your experience and see how you put your resume together! What advice do you have for people creating their very first resume?

Writers For Hire Help Your Business Grow

Writers for hire are a goldmine to entrepreneurs! Most business owners are overloaded with the various day-to-day activities of operating their company. They get to pick their own hours, but those hours are usually way beyond any 9 to 5 job. They have no time to write a book, so they hire a professional writer. It makes sense!

Successful CEOs know that handing a client a book, with your name on it, is one of the best ways to show credibility. People respond to you differently and consider you to be an expert in your field when you have a book. You instantly gain respect.

Most successful entrepreneurs have many stories to share, often having created their businesses from scratch. They made plenty of mistakes and stumbled upon various successful actions. These are key components for a good book.

How many people are struggling in today’s economy? They need guidance.

Writers for hire know how to pull these stories together in such a way to create a book that won’t be put down. Many readers want to create their own thriving business, but don’t know what is involved.

Some business owners have advice for their clients. How many times have you repeated the same set of instructions for your customers? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just hand your client a book and have them read the relevant portions for their situation? Imagine the look on their face as they accept your book.

Are you a coach? If so, your knowledge and advice could reach more people if you wrote a book. There are only so many hours in a day and so many people you can help one on one. By writing a book you can get your message out there to more people.

Once you have your book, make sure to plan a marketing strategy:

  • Offer to be a guest lecturer
  • Give seminars around the country
  • Build an attractive website
  • Start a social media campaign immediately

As an author, you will want to give lectures or offer seminars to your fans. This is a great opportunity to sell your book and get more name recognition. It also allows you to get personal feedback from your readers.

You definitely will want an online presence. Make sure to have a good-looking website, with a strong call to action. Add in articles to give potential readers a taste of what you can do for them. Also, start your social media campaign now, as it takes time to build up a following.

Books help to brand your name. As more people buy and read your book, they will recommend it to others. Word will spread and your name will be better known.

Make sure to make your book available on eReaders. Amazon sells more eBooks than hard copy books today, because they are easy to produce and sell.

As a writer for hire, I can tell you that books help entrepreneurs on into the future. The book you write today will be passed around decades from now!

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