A Memoir Writing Sample

A few prospective clients recently asked me for a memoir writing sample. This is always a smart request and shows the person is serious about hiring a ghostwriter. Please always get a sample of your writer’s work before hiring him or her.

My writing style is dialogue driven. I enjoy telling the story through action and conversation.

Please check out this sample of a memoir I ghostwrote last year. Skip down to Chapter One and start reading. I’d love your feedback!

I’m currently working on two memoirs, which will be ready within months. Both are fascinating stories and are gaining strong interest from the publishing community.

If you’d like another memoir writing sample, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Interview with Lori Suthar

Lori Suthar, my writing partner for Joshua’s Missing Peace, was in the news last week! She has been interviewed in relation to the strange outbreak in New York and St Louis. People are looking to our book, Joshua’s Missing Peace, for answers regarding the nervous tics and odd behaviors of the children in these areas. Please watch her interview: