Chess Is Child’s Play Went To The Printer Today!

We’ve been working very hard to get the final draft of Chess Is Child’s Play completed. Mongoose Press and their design team produced a beautiful layout for our book. I am thrilled!

This book is so important to me on so many levels. I really want to get Chess Is Child’s Play into the hands of many parents, so they can start teaching their young sons and daughters to play chess. Imagine if all children knew how to play before they start Kindergarten. Then imagine if that children routinely learned more about the game as part of their school curriculum. Weekend tournaments would be a common activity for children of all ages.

This particular book breaks down the basics into bite-sized morsels, so that any parent can teach their child to play chess. Even parents who don’t know anything about chess will be able to teach their four-year-old children to play! Of course, older children can learn, too, as well as adults (but I advise adults to take the opportunity to teach a child, while they learn the game themselves).

I think most people are aware that chess players develop important life skills, but not everyone realizes the extent of these benefits. I didn’t understand them fully until I started teaching chess myself.

When I discovered that a child’s ability to read improved, I was amazed. It makes sense though!

People usually consider that a child’s ability to solve problems and focus will be enhanced, but did you know that chess really helps a child become more confident? I see that on a regular basis with our students. It’s a joy to watch them expand their horizons. I get to see the I know how to play chess! glint in their eye!

Chess has an element of art to it. I remember a master once telling me that it was an interesting blend of sports, art, and math. I believe he’s right!

A child’s imagination will soar as they learn to play chess. They will learn to think outside the box and conceive creative solutions to problems.

I could go on and on about all the benefits of chess for a child! In the end, I sincerely hope that parents enjoy teaching their children to play chess through Chess Is Child’s Play and write to tell me all about it!