Entrepreneurs Can Be Great Authors


entrepreneurs can be great authors

If you’re an entrepreneur, it makes good business sense to write a book. You have a lot to share with others and can make a difference in the world by doing so. Entrepreneurs can be great authors.

I have a special spot in my heart for entrepreneurs. If you are one, know that I believe that you are so brilliantly unique and wonderfully essential to our society. We need more of you in our world, continually enriching us with your creativity and productivity.

I’m fully aware that you live and breathe your product or service. You give of yourself wholeheartedly and rarely live by the clock, because you love what you do.

After talking to many self-created business owners, I understand the challenge involved with building a client base. There are many techniques, but success always seems to boil down to entering the tricky world of sales.

Entrepreneurs and sales

Let’s be real. What entrepreneur can make a living while attempting to elude sales? That’s just not possible. Any business owner must learn how to sell the product or service of their company.

It’s safe to say that you must bite the bullet and embrace the inner salesman within you.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about becoming a greedy, aggressive, pushy person who tries to force things on people they don’t honestly need. No, I’m talking about honing the intricate art of interesting people in the product or service that you provide. It’s just good business sense.

A book could probably help you sell whatever you produce.

That’s where ghostwriters come in.

That’s where I come in.

How many potential clients would you be interested in if you authored a well-written book about your niche-market expertise?

Be recognized as an expert

Be great authors and be recognized“Well, Mrs. Prospect, funny you should ask. The fact is, I wrote the book on that subject!”

There are only a few things that impress people more than this statement. And it holds true for so many types of business. Whether you’re selling gluten-free cupcakes or specializing in commercial real estate, you can draw in more clients if you publish a book on your niche subject.

Chances are, if you are successful, you could write this book yourself. As I keep saying to all you entrepreneurs out there, you can be great authors. You have the necessary talent and creative ability. However, let’s be realistic…

Entrepreneurs can be great authors but rarely have time

Writing a book takes hundreds of hours. That’s why most successful entrepreneurs find it cost-effective to hire a ghostwriter.

The next question becomes: Am I able to afford to hire a professional writer?

Only you can answer that question!

Basically, as with any business decision, it comes down to finances.

The first step, the first calculation, involves figuring out how many new clients you’ll receive when you author a book. If you hand your book to a prospect, think about the future sales. They are much more likely to become a client of yours because you’ve gained credibility and earned their respect, which should translate to new business.

I’m not here to talk you into this idea, but if you’ve read this far, you must like the concept.

The next step is to calculate what sort of income you can expect from those new clients. Don’t forget to factor in your expenses associated with this new business. Let’s keep it real and be conservative.

Now balance that with the cost of hiring a ghostwriter. Plan for the project to take you a year or more to complete then add in another six months to a year to publish and market your work. Give yourself time. It’s not an overnight process.

If you’re ahead financially after five years, is that a promising investment for you?

If not, consider writing a shorter book. Most ghostwriters charge by the word, so that will cut down on costs.

So, what did you decide?

If you’ve determined to use good business sense and want to reach out and hire a ghostwriter, please email me. I’m interested in hearing from you and learning about your project. Please include your budget and timeline, so that I can fully understand your needs.

Invest in yourself and others will be more likely to invest in you!

I’m telling you, entrepreneurs can be great authors!


  1. Edward James Letko

    Entrepreneurship is a lot like writing a book – it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion. But, just like with writing a book, the rewards can be great. Entrepreneurs who are also great authors can enjoy the satisfaction of seeing their names in print, and they can also reap the financial rewards that come with being a published author.

    • Laura Sherman

      Absolutely! I couldn’t agree more. Entrepreneurs have so much to offer their readers!

  2. Brian Hicks

    Hi Laura,

    I am a Real Estate Broker in Bakersfield California. After reevaluating life I left my Medical Consulting Job to become a Real Estate Agent. Long story short I never understood why it cost so much to sell a home. Seemed like easy money. So I did and found it to be so!

    Long story short with $1,500 and two short years later I was the #1 producing listing agent in the Kern County. As of last year and probably this years also top 5 in the state of California for closed transaction.

    I would like to write a book explaining where the Real Estate Market is heading and what I predict to be the end of the Real Estate Agent and High Fees the industry has come to know. I want it to be a slap in the face to what the industry has turned into and an insight for potential Sellers and buyers to become more educated on the process and not to pay the high fees associated with it, the lack of competency in agents that is common place. 6 weeks of training and BOOM you are in charge of working mans biggest investment, NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

    Have you written something similar of feel you might want to take on such a task?

    I look forward to hearing from you.



    • Laura Sherman

      Hi, Brian! I think this could be a great project. I wrote you a few weeks ago, but didn’t hear back. If you’re still interested, please write me directly and we’ll connect in the new year.



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