Chess is Child's PlayChess Is Child’s Play teaches parents how to teach any child, of any age, to play chess. This is a personal passion project. I feel strongly that if we can teach our next generation chess, they will receive needed life skills. From personal experience and extensive research I have learned that chess helps children improve their problem solving skills, increase their self-confidence and focus, become more patient, and do better in school.

I learned to play chess when I was nine years old. Soon after I began playing tournament chess and became one of the top 50 US women players. Throughout my life chess has been a theme and an inspiration.

My husband and I have taught hundreds of children to play chess over the last few years. We have fine-tuned our techniques, creating a system that others can follow, even if they have never seen a chess board before.

Children love chess! If you put a chess board out, they will flock to it and play. Children think chess is cool! It is my hope that this book will give them an advantage as they attempt to solve some of the world’s problems that our generation has left behind.

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