Chess is Child's Play

Chess Is Child’s Play- Teaching Techniques That Work teaches parents, guardians and educators how to teach any child, of any age, to play chess.

Joshua’s Missing Peace tells the heart-rending story math whiz Joshua and his parents’ struggle to find medical help when Joshua began behaving bizarrely at the age of four.

Discovering Kindness is a series of nine short fictional stories, which demonstrate how people can overcome life’s challenges through the beneficence of others

Taking Flight: A People Of Pengarii Science Fiction Novel. For countless generations, people have called the planet Pengarii home. A mostly pastoral civilization, they farm the land and mine for precious minerals. They trade with one another. When a strange mushroom pops up throughout their planet, devastating crucial crops and minerals, their way of life is threatened.

Your Guide To Hiring A Ghostwriter. Learn how to research ghostwriters on the internet. Find out the questions to ask and what to expect in a contract. Then discover how to prepare to work with your writer.