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Don’t let doubt kill your story.

There are many reasons you might hit a brick wall when attempting to write your book. As more and more time passes you may begin to doubt yourself.
Will you ever hold your completed book in your hands?

Your book can be completed.

I understand. Writing a book can be frustratingly hard.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.

I have over twenty years of ghostwriting under my belt.

Let me help you tell your story!

“When I first decided to write a book, I was unsure of everything. I had a story to tell but had no idea how to even begin. Laura gave me direction. I can honestly say I would have never finished it without her guidance and support. I felt I had full control, yet she provided ideas and suggestions.”

Lori Suthar

Author of Joshua's Missing Peace

“Throughout the whole project I have felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction because I knew my life story was with a professional who cares to reflect the inner feelings I have and to describe the minute details in a powerful way.”


PhD and CEO

“Working with Laura has been a true pleasure. She is patient, competent, thoughtful, and extremely dedicated. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to write a book!”

John Guttman

Senior Financial Advisor

you need to hire me if…

Your story deserves to be written.

Someone out there is looking for it right now.



You don't know how to get started


Your story isn't working


You find yourself thinking: "I don't know what I'm doing."


You just can't seem to complete your book

Here’s how we’ll complete your book…

Phase 1: Research & Outline

I’ll interview you and we’ll email back and forth while I research. Then I’ll create a detailed outline.

Phase 2: Write First Draft

I’ll send you snippets as I write the first draft so you can provide me feedback. After all, this is a collaboration.

Phase 3: Editing

I’ll incorporate your feedback and hire an outside editor. Once done, you will receive a polished manuscript.